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Driving in JAPAN: Yokohama Chinatown & Bashamichi [Slow TV] 4K Drive

Driving in JAPAN: Yokohama Chinatown & Bashamichi [Slow TV] 4K Drive

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00:56 Yokohama Chinatown
14:39 Shin-yokohama dori
17:07 Bashamichi

About Yokohama Chinatown
Yokohama Chinatown district is Japan’s largest. The densely packed area has 300 or so Chinese shops and restaurants to explore, so bring your appetite and leave plenty of time for your visit.

Yokohama Chinatown’s story goes back to 1859 when Yokohama’s seaport opened and attracted Chinese merchants who settled here and built up their own community.

Interest among Japanese tourists rose after Japan established diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China in 1972, and today Yokohama Chinatown is one of the city’s major sightseeing destinations.
Most of the district’s ethnic Chinese residents come from the southern province of Guangzhou; now, however, Yokohama Chinatown’s focus is more retail than residential.

Yokohama Chinatown is known as the world’s best Chinese food spot. With more than 600 shops in only a 250,000 square meter area there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. Workers from restaurants and food stalls, cute and colorful sundries shops, and more call out in loud voices to entice customers. The buildings and signs glitter and dazzle in brilliant colors and you soon realize Chinatown is a completely different world!

The most popular and common food types are: Beijing (北京料理), Shanghai (上海料理), Guangdong (広東料理), and Sichuan (四川料理). These are followed by Taiwanese (台湾料理) and Dim Sum (飲茶).

Yokohama Chinatown Guide Map (PDF)

About Bashamichi
Bashamichi is a street where the first gas lights, the first boulevard trees, the first ice cream, and many other western cultures were introduced for the first time in Japan. The name Bashamichi (Horse-drawn Carriage Street) is derived from the fact that carriages carrying foreigners frequently went up and down this street at the time of the opening of the port. Upon passing below an iron arch with carriage designs, a tranquil street and many historical buildings will welcome visitors.

Today, various festivals and events are held every year to commemorate its history. During the Bashamichi Festival, Horse-drawn carriages, rickshaws, and ladies dressed in clothes from Rokumeikan era (1880’s) will parade through the Street. There will be a Street Market, Concert, Rakugo, Japanese sit-down comedy, Gas-lighting Ceremony, and much more.

About Yokohama
Yokohama, is the first harbor city introduced to the world as the entrance to Japan. Since the time its port was opened, Yokohama has been vigorously acquiring new cultures and information from foreign countries and introducing to Japan our country’s first-time-ever things from food to a wide range of cultures, which entitles Yokohama as the birthplace of Japan’s modern culture. The Yokohama, referred to as “Hamakko” in Japanese, has been very cheerful at enjoying life and willing to adopt whatever is good. Such a tradition of the “Hamakkos” cultivated long ago has been incorporated into the present fashionable and sophisticated streetscape.

Yokohama is located in the centre of Japan, along the coastline of Japan’s Pacific Ocean, and one of the 15 Japanese Government-designated cities. The total population of Yokohama is 3.7 million persons, making the city the second largest after Tokyo’s 23 Wards. A number of foreign enterprises have established their branches in Yokohama by taking full advantage of the Yokohama Port which is an international trading port. Yokohama is a city of dreams for every Japanese person as well as its local citizens who are very proud of living here because it is not only very famous as a tourist mecca, but also has every urban function including, but not limited to, business and culture.

Things to do in Yokohama

Yokohama Maps

About Kanagawa Prefecture
Kanagawa Prefecture is within easy reach of Tokyo, making it a popular destination for both visitors and Tokyoites. Yokohama’s shopping malls and shiny towers make its skyline one of the most beautiful in Japan, and its past as a trading port gives it an international flair. Further down the coast of Kanagawa, Kamakura is packed with temples, quaint restaurants, and cafes, and the onsen town of Hakone is the place to relax in hot springs and view Mt. Fuji.

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Filmed on June 2nd, 2020

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