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Ashen – An Old Favorite On The Block

Ashen - An Old Favorite On The Block

Whether you regularly pay a visit to the area, or whether you live here, the thing that most of us have noticed is that there are a few cool drinking spots that have popped up over the last year or two with The Brick arguably being the most favorable among expats in the area.

True enough, The Brick has a strong following and managed to reap in an award or two, but right next door to it, you will find a place that has been around since June 2012 and up until now they have had mostly Chinese patrons who appreciate their well-crafted house cocktails and fine collection of over 60 different types of Scottish, Japanese and Taiwanese single malt whiskys.

You will be excused for thinking that the bar looks tiny from the sidewalk, but once you are inside, you can make your way up to the mezzanine or grab a spot at the bar to watch the bartenders in action. Ashen’s owner Jason believes that his bartenders need to understand the complexity of flavors and blending these flavors with good quality alcohol to ensure a fine drinking experience. Regulars can expect a drink on the house now and then that comes from Jason’s private collection of single malt whiskys and even imported wines. As for the name, ask no questions, because Jason took the easy route and skipped all the BS to select something that would be easy to remember and pronounce.

Ashen’s menu offers patrons a wide range of house cocktails and old favorites, but should you wish to get creative, all you need to do is drop in a suggestion with Jason or one of his handy bartenders. Along with that, seasonal cocktails will always be featured in their menu to accommodate commercial marketing and promotions.

Furthermore, you can expect to find a collection of wines which was personally selected by Jason himself and makes a cozy drinking experience possible in a warm, friendly and intimate ambience.

This is a place where you can be sure to make a few new friends or where you can spend the evening drinking away on the mezzanine. You might even want to consider a table for two on a romantic night out.

Expect only the best in quality and excellently trained bartenders who serve up your tipple with a dazzling smile. So if you ever find yourself strolling about in Shuangjing at night or if you are a resident to the area, drop by this little gem in the rough if you are serious about enjoying a good drink before or after dinner…or like most of the regulars who frequent Ashen: before and after dinner.

Opening hours: Sundays – Mondays, 5PM – 4AM

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