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Norway trip June/July 2020

Norway trip June/July 2020

Timelaps of my recent trip to the south west of norway.
The trip took a couple of days, where I lived out of my car without issues.
The scenery was stunning, and I had a lot of stops underway just enjoying the nature.
The total trip was around 1400 km in total plus a ferry ride to and from Norway.
– I took the ferry from Hirtshals Denmark to Kristiansand Norway, where I then drove to a road side stop only an hour away where I slept.
– Day two I drove to the parking lot at the Kjeragboltn viewpoint. Due to the weather I decided not to hike to the viewpoint, and instead drove down to the Lysebotn ferry, which unfortunately had just departed, so I backtracked around 80 km, plus an additional 155 km, to get to a Tesla supercharger in Røldal.
Here I had dinner at a resturant next to the charging station, and then continued to the Brakavik road side stop, where I spent the night.
– Day tree of driving I decided to drive to the Bøyabreen Glacier viewpoint and afterwards drive to the charging station in Skei.
When charging I decided that I would spend the night at the Mefjell mountain picnic roadside stop.
This ment that I would have to backtrack around 80 km.
– Day four I went to visit my sister in Kongsberg. But first I met up with my nephew at the Sognefjells cabin(Sognefjellshytta), where he was attending summer ski camp.
Then I proceeded to get breakfast at the Lom bakery (highly recommended).
The road to Kongsberg went through Lillehammar, which is a place I have visited before some years ago.
– Day five I traveled home by taking the ferry at Kristiansand to Hirtshals.

For the terrain in Norway an electric or hybrid car is defently recommended, as it recouperates alot of energy on the way down the mountains.
Infact I used 140Wh/km in average during the whole roadtrip, which is around what I use on the flat roads in Denmark at 80km/h.

Spending the night in the Tesla Model 3 used up around 60km range(at 10 DegC in the night) and around 75-80km range in the high mountains, where temperatures almost reached 0 DegC in the night.
This was all without insu
This was no issue as I had this compsumption in mind when planning my charging stops.

All in all it was an amazing trip and really easy sleeping in the Model 3, also even though I have back issues, I didnt have a problem during this trip.
This was likely due to the many stops I had along the way to enjoy the scenery, which gave me a chance to strech my legs.
I would definetly do a roadtrip of western Norway(of course with another route) again in the future.

The timelaps was shot on a GoPro Hero Session, the video clips was shot on my Oneplus 6 and the drone footage was from a DJI Mavic Air.

If you are about to buy a Tesla and is missing a referral link, you are welcomed to use mine:
Both you and I get some free Supercharging miles, which is nice to have for roadtrips like this one 🙂

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