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Introduction to travel hacking, by Clint Johnston

Introduction to travel hacking, by Clint Johnston

Darjeelin est le comparateur humain. Des experts en billeterie vous trouvent le billet d’avion le moins cher. 20% d’économie en moyenne sur vos vols long-courriers.

Clint Johnston, well known blogger at Triphackr, shares his travel tricks to cruise the world in style with little money. Unbelievable, yet true !

Darjeelin lets travelers outource their travel planning to travel and flight experts from all around the world. Clint is also guest blogger on Darjeelin’s blog where he regularly shares amazing travel insight.

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We’re MAJOR travel geeks and flight hackers. Darjeelin is a human-powered flight search engine helping you to save loads of time and tons of money.

Pionniers du crowdsourcing appliqué à la réservation de billet d’avion Darjeelin est un comparateur de vol “humain” qui vous aide à économiser du temps et de l’argent.

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– Introduction to travel hacking,by Clint Johnson –

Introduction :
What does it mean to “travel in style” ? :
How did you first start travelling ? What happened ? :
You have been in Europe. Where exactly ? :
How did you become a trip hacker ? :
Can you run us through the process of “hacking a flight” ? :
How will you proceed to book your next airplane ticket ? :
Are there any additional tricks you can share that are easy to leverage ? :
How does work the process of “fuel dumping” ? :
Is it legal to do it ? :
What is a good/bad traveller for you ? :
Conclusion :

Credits :

Clint Johnson, founder of

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