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What to See & Do in Meteora, Greece

What to See & Do in Meteora, Greece

What to See & Do in Meteora, Greece

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In this episode of the David’s Been Here web show, David takes viewers through the beautiful lands of Meteora, Greece. Situated in Thessaly, Meteora lies in the heart of Greece. Meteora literally translates into ‘suspended in the air’. Here David shows and tells us what to see and do in Meteora, Greece.

Meteora has two main towns, Kastraki village and the town of Kalabaka, which is home to the majority of hotels, restaurants, and shops. A must-do for anyone is a guided half-day bus tour. You’ll get to experience the unique landscapes of Meteora’s stone forest. Even from the bus there are incredible vistas. You’ll stop at the Great Meteoran Monastery, which is the oldest, tallest, and largest monastery here. Admission to the monastery is 3 euros.

David’s bus tour also stops by one of the most ancient sites in Greece, Theopetra Prehistoric Cave. Since excavations began in the 80’s several important finds have been made. Among them include human bones, stone tools and human footprints dating back 135,000 years!

Meteora also has a lot in store for adventure travelers. One of the main activities is hiking through the Stone Forest. When you go on your hike, your guide will give you history lessons and legends along the way. If you’re willing to do a short but challenging climb, you’ll be rewarded with picturesque views from Dragon’s Cave.

Adrenaline junkies: Meteora has you covered. If you want to bring the adventure up a notch, try scramble hiking. This type of hike is similar to rock climbing but requires less equipment and the use of your hands to pull yourself up the ropes. You’ll be rewarded with epic views of Kalabaka. Traditional rock climbing is also an option for experienced and newbie climbers alike.

And if you didn’t know Meteora has wineries! Loudas Winery is a family-run boutique winery 5 minutes from Kalabaka. They’ve been open since 2006 and specialize in both Greek and international varieties. Come to taste some of Meteora’s most popular wines and buy gifts for your family and friends back home. If you’re there during the September harvest season you’ll get to see the winemaking process first hand, and possibly get a tour from the owner himself.

If you’re wondering how to limit what to see and do in Meteora, just know this: You CAN’T miss a sunset tour. There are two popular viewpoints where groups gather to see the sunset. It is truly a sunset you won’t soon forget. It’s also a great time to photograph the dramatic rock formations that Meteora is known for.

If you thought you knew Greece, think again.

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What to See & Do in Meteora, Greece


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