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Ryogoku Edo-Tokyo Museum and Home of SUMO & HOKUSAI【日本語字幕付き】

Ryogoku Edo-Tokyo Museum and Home of SUMO & HOKUSAI【日本語字幕付き】


Hello! I’m Lemi from Japan and I’m sharing Travel and Culture information of Japan.

In this video, I’ll guide you to Ryogoku, a very traditional district in Tokyo.
It has a very nice museum ‘Edo-Tokyo Museum’ where you can learn about the 400 year history of Tokyo as well as Sumo District, Hokusai themed cafe etc.

With this 1 video, you can learn the very important history and culture of Tokyo.

0:00 Opening & introuction
0:48 Edo-Tokyo Museum
3:56 Eat Sanma (Saury) lunch at Edo Noren, restaurant complex
4:58 Walk to Hokusai Themed Cafe
5:48 Kyu-Yasuda Gardens
6:10 Directions on a map
6:43 More delicious Food
7:07 Appreciation

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Edo-Tokyo Museum

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