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Koprivnica-Križevci County | Komadić raja Hrvatske | Croatian piece of paradise |Croatia|4K|Hrvatska

Koprivnica-Križevci County | Komadić raja Hrvatske | Croatian piece of paradise |Croatia|4K|Hrvatska

Koprivnica – Križevci County | Komadić raja Hrvatske | Croatian piece of paradise | Croatia | 4K | Hrvatska


”Koprivnica-Križevci County lies on the fertile Drava river basin, between the Hungarian border along the river Drava and the forested Kalnik and Bilogora mountains. Its natural wealth, rich culture, and traditional values expressed in modern form through naive painting, local cuisine, events, folklore, and faith have made it a favorite year-round destination for day trips. However, the friendliness and hospitality of the county’s residents and the diverse, lively experiences the region have to offer to provide a wealth of reasons to stay for more than just a day.

Koprivnica is the seat and the largest city of Koprivnica-Križevci County. The tourist center of Podravina and Prigorje is in bold letters written in the Croatian tourist map. It is not only known as a city of Vegeta, beer, competitive sport, or art. It is increasingly recognized as an interesting and tourist industry. If you want to know what life was like during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, what was then ate and drank, of which people lived and how they treated his knights, lepers, witches, and fools … do not forget to visit the traditional Koprivnica Renaissance Festival which the city walls held every year in late summer. Today’s artists, painters, and sculptors every year gather in Koprivnica on traditional Motifs of Podravina to honor Naive, but also traditional crafts, crafts, and cuisine typical of Podravina. Fifty kilometers built bicycle paths, free system of public bicycles, and unique monuments to bikes are the reason why the Koprivnica is recognized throughout Europe as a city of bicycles.

Križevci is a historical venue of the famous medieval Bloody Parliament and city whose patron is one of three Croatian saints, a born citizen of Križevci – Saint Mark. Headquarters are Križevci diocese for Greek Catholics faithful to the desktop Greek Catholic cathedral dedicated to the Blessed Trinity. The event in Križevci that should not be missed is the “Križevačko Veliko Spravišče” which depicts the legend 700 years old – quarrel and reconciliation between “purghers” from Križevci and Kalnik “plum growers”. If you want to get away from city crowds and enjoy the benefits of untouched nature – a trip to Kalnik is always the right choice. Your body and mind, in addition to walking “educational trails” and enjoying the superb culinary delights Kalnik Mountain lodge, you can rest in active sports way: hiking one of the most beautiful trails in Croatia to the highest county summit, sport climbing, paragliding or biking.

Đurđevac is known far and wide for its unique manifestation called Picokijada, which is an intangible cultural property of the Republic of Croatia, and under preventive protection of the Ministry of Culture. The main event, this cultural and historical story, is a legend about a chicken, a stage version of the Ottomans attack on the Old Town and its defense. Đurđevac legend is based on historical facts that show that in the distant 1552. mighty Ulama Beg had a long siege to Đurđevac Fortress. In the Old Town, the monument of culture, there is a museum and a gallery with a valuable legacy of works of art Ivan Lacković Croatia. Sands of Đurđevac, also known as Croatian Sahara are a protected geographical botanical reserve with a large number of endemic plant species, diverse fauna, and attractive sand dunes.” – Koprivnica-Križevci Tourist Board


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