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Peking Duck Burgers Take on McDonald’s and Its Big Macs in China

Peking Duck Burgers Take on McDonald's and Its Big Macs in China

Forget about the China Modern Burger at McDonald’s, things are finally getting serious in the fast-food burger world.

China’s leading Peking duck chain, Da Dong(大董), is deploying the iconic Chinese dish along with an American twist to take on giant rival McDonald’s.


The duck burgers are, as the name suggests, burgers with duck inside.

The Classic Crispy Lean Roast Duck Burger will be the focus of the menu (22RMB); or if the thought of fatty meat scares you, the ‘low-calorie’ veggie burger might be more your thing (32RMB).

Peking Duck Burgers2

According to the duck experts at Da Dong, one duck can make six different types of burgers. How the person conducting that study came to this conclusion is anybody’s guess. But hey, we’ll believe it.

Other snacks on the menu include the Petite Meat Mooncake (9RMB), and the rather intriguing Salt and Pepper Duck Chops (9RMB).


Duck Leg Set Meal 鸭腿套餐

Duck Leg Set Meal1

Qingjiao Jiangrou Shaobing 青椒酱肉烧饼


Laoganma Mashed Potato 老干妈土豆泥

Mooncakes with Meat 鲜肉月饼

Truffle Pasta 黑松露意面

Truffle Pasta

French Fries with Black pepper 黑胡椒粗薯条

French Fries with Black pepper

dadong duck

Add: Da Dong Duck Club 19, Building 19, 89 Jianguo Lu (across from China Central Place), Chaoyang District

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