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5 Amazing Volcanoes in China

5 Amazing Volcanoes in China

A Volcano is really a grand sight to behold. China is one of the world’s countries with the most intense volcanic activity and a good place to enjoy these volcanic wonders. Here are a few that you can appreciate…from a distance, of course.

1. Tengchong volcanoes, Yunnan Province

Tengchong volcanoes, Yunnan Province
Tucked away in Tengchong County, deep in the southern section of Yunnan Province’s Hengduan, volcano Tengchon ranks as the No.1 volcano in China by size, variety, fine preservation and compact distribution. Combine that with its mesmerizing surroundings and you have a scenic wonder that will serve your memories (and photo-op) very well.

2. Wudalianchi National Forest Park, Heilongjiang Province

Wudalianchi National Forest Park, Heilongjiang Province
Wudalianchi National Forest Park (or Five Interconnected Lakes) is located in the north-central Heilongjiang Province in northeastern China, between Xiaoxing’anling Mountain and the Songnen Plains

Known as a topographical miracle wrought by an erupting volcanic mountain more than 60,000 years ago, the mountains and caves around the lakes and the waters in them, are known for their exotic shapes and hues. It is also the location of China’s largest cold mineral water recuperating center.

3. Datong volcanoes, Shanxi Province

Datong Volcano Geographic Park
Datong Volcano Geographic Park is located in northern part of China’s Shanxi province. The volcano cluster boasts 32 inactive volcanoes which began erupting 700,000 years ago and stopped about 100,000 years ago. These volcanoes survived hundreds of thousands years of wind erosion and formed spectacular geographic wonders.

4. Yutian volcanoes, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
The Pulu volcano is located in the southern Kunlun Mountain in Yutian County, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Its volcanic activity dates back over a million years. The lava beds are distributed in the banks of Keriya River. It forms a vital of studies that focus on the formation of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Kunlun Mountain.

5. Haikou Shishan volcanoes, Hainan Province

Haikou Shishan volcanoes, Hainan Province
Haikou Volcano Park is located 15 km west of Haikou city – the capital of Hainan Province. The park is dotted with about 40 small volcanoes; there are 2 lava caves, the largest of which is 3 kilometers long, ancient villages built on lava rocks and a beautifully terraced tropical farmland.

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