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With many fantasies that a soul can carry, traveling is one of them. A visit to a unique paradise or tour of an unknown or unexplored treasure on this planet is always amazingly fantastic. But more of us as tourists just visit the place take some snapshots of the scenery, make videos and post it on your YouTube channels or Facebook timelines. But the most important thing we miss a new place we visit is the algorithm of the culture down there linked with its people, the history behind the recipe of their delicious food, the patterns of their purity or the structure of their society. A place itself gains significance only once its people make it more beautiful by their vision and style. If places only were important people might have discovered many of such exploring the vast depth of this planet. Yet it is always the people who define a place to distinguish between cultures, techniques and even it is very much related to the modern world’s new technology.

To many places, I had the opportunity to visit so far I have found Japan as one of the most exotic, energetic, peaceful and most beautiful wonderlands on this planet. There are millions of reasons why Japan is the most attractive and gorgeous place on earth yet one of the reasons which I always admire and emphasize is ” the people of Japan”. Thousands of surveys would have been done about various specialties and depth of its rich culture yet Japanese are the most polite, humble, loving, caring and most of all hard working people on earth. The best thing I like about them is the way they give you respect and how they strictly bind themselves into a disciplined society where flaws are hard to find. Smiling faces and diligent personalities are overwhelming the atmosphere and you discover the real feel of heaven when you visit Japan. I have a confession here to make that I’m ” In Love with Japan” and out of the million things I love about its culture and its people I will try to pen it down with my thoughts as much as possible.

You will find the most generous people in this part of the world. Kind and humble equipped with beautiful smiles on their faces they are really one of a kind. From villages to the busy cities or from dreams into reality, from poor to the rich or from knowledge into technology Japanese people are way on top of the game in every aspect of life. And there is a reason why they are phenomenal in what they possess and generosity is one the qualities to which be inspired of. It is perhaps truly said that ” If you want to win the world, show them how beautiful you are from the inside”, they are more than beautiful from inside and out.

No doubt Japanese people are one of the most hospitable nations in the world. Even the explanation is not necessary as everyone knows this fact. I do have an example for you folks, a remembrance as I was waiting outside a trains station for a bus to take me to plum trees garden. I went there to have an opportunity to pluck the plums from the plum trees myself. For some reason the bus was late, I asked a girl over there if she knows when it could arrive, even though she barely could speak English she understood my situation and explained it may arrive in next quarter. I waited for a few minutes at the bus station waiting but then decided to walk back to the train station get back to my hotel. And as I walking past towards the station I covered already an area of almost one kilometer yet all of a sudden a voice smacked my ears, I looked back and it was the same girl telling me that the bus I was waiting for had arrived and I could take the bus if I wished. I thanked the lady for so nice to me. Tell you what you won’t find people like this anywhere else in the world. They are really nice, cool and friendly and I love them for this.

Indeed they are versatile in any aspect you want them to see in. The unique approach they have towards life is so disciplined and perfectly organized that you learn a lot from them when you interact with them, The most beautiful part of their lively culture and pretty smiles on their faces is their versatility in style with the enthusiasm which is legendary.

There are million other reasons why I am in love with Japan, I have tried to explain a few today with further to come in my book ” In Love with Japan”

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