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5 Uunique Fitness Studios in Hong Kong

5 Unique Fitness Studios in Hong Kong

When it comes to working out, there are many boutique gyms and studios in Hong Kong that are great alternatives to the city’s mainstream gym chains. Treadmills and ellipticals, after all, aren’t for everyone and let’s be honest, overcrowded gyms don’t really set the mood.

To focus on your goals – and to prove that getting in shape doesn’t have to be boring – here are five unique fitness studios in Hong Kong that are great alternatives to otherwise conventional gyms:


Topfit has only just recently opened its doors in Hong Kong. The gym offers a luxurious space with a team of hip, fitness professionals who possess great knowledge on nutrition to help guide you along the way. A great option if you’re looking to escape from the overcrowded gyms.

Add: Topfit, 3/F, The Wellington, 198 Wellington Street, Hong Kong
Contact: 00852 2776 7298

Raw Fitness

Raw Fitness
Raw’s trainers have extensive knowledge on various training techniques and nutrition. Whether you’re looking to body build, improve on your cardio or flexibility, Raw is the place for you. They also offer all-encompassing custom-made programs to help track and measure your progress and diet.

Add: Raw Fitness, 23/F, Winsome House, 73 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong
Contact: 00852 2415 6233

Studio Fitness

Studio Fitness
Focusing on building cardio, strength and muscle in three different classes, they custom build each class creating a different workout each time. Studio Fitness invented their own concept called MCCT, maximising power and melt down fat through a series of full body aerobic and anaerobic circuit combinations.

Add: Studio fitness, 1/F, World-Wide Commercial Building, 34 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong
Contact: 00852 9450 5600,

Barre 2 Barre

Studio Fitness
Barreamped is not to be mistaken with a dance class, though it is in many ways inspired by classical and modern dance. It’s a workout that uses the barre as a prop to balance while doing isometric strength training – contracting specific muscles through small and isolated movements. The challenging postures help lengthening tight muscles, burn fat and increase your metabolism.

Add: Barre 2 barre, 4/F, Cheung Hing Commercial Buiding, 37 Cochrane Street, Central, Hong Kong
Contact: 00852 9688 3503


The studio focuses on acceleration training, using the power plate combined with other equipment like TRX, ViPR and Clubbells. This particular way of training is said to improve your weight loss by 57% compared to conventional exercise and diet. Offering private training to customise your program to help you achieve your goals.

Add: Opus Power Plate Studio, 12B, Jade Centre, 98 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
Contact: 00852 2856 1888

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