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Top 5 Most Popular Fitness Centers in Shanghai

Wills Gym

There are many fitness clubs in Shanghai, if you want to exercise but don’t know which one is better; you can have a look of following 5 most popular fitness clubs in Shanghai.

1. Shanghai Jinqiao Megafit
Shanghai Jinqiao Megafit is situated in shanghai pudong Biyun community.The gross area is 12,000 square meters.Officially opened on July,2003.At the present time,the club have 5,000 members.More than half of the members are from other nations except China.In 2007,it is elected 5 star physical fitness venue by Beijing HAUC that General Administration of Sport Of China and CNCA grant authorization to.

The club is settled recreation sports projects such as fitness, swimming, basketball, tennies, badminton, SPA and amusement & leisure projects.It is one of the largest commercial and comprehensive sports venue in China.

Address: Lane 600, Lantian Rd., Pudong Dist., Shanghai
Tel: 0086 021 5030 8118

2. Wills Gym
Like many other fitness clubs, Wills provides its customers with a wide range of courses, such as aerobic gymnastics, Latin dance, karate, yoga, zumba and gymstick. But there is something extra that is special here. Besides the regular courses, members will also get an opportunity to participate in other activities including social exchanges, outdoor camping and festive parties. Each customer will have tailored for them a personal and professional body building plan based on their specific fitness levels and needs. As it is a newly built complex, the quality of fixtures and fittings is state-of-the-art and the staff’s expertise is unrivalled. Small though it is in physical space, the gym provides exercise fanatics with plenty of room to push themselves to personal limits.

Add: 387 Panyu Rd, Shanghai
Tel: 0086 021 6281 5639

3. California Fitness Shanghai Club

California Fitness Shanghai Club
California Fitness Shanghai Club offers a wide range of group exercise classes, personal training, state-of-the-art equipment and more, in the heart of Shanghai’s Lu Wan district. Whether you plan to lose weight, tone-up or just to get fitter, let them help you live better through fitness.

Add: 5/F & 6/F, Shanghai Plaza (Opposite Shanghai Times Square), 138 Huaihai Zhong Road, Lu Wan District, Shanghai
Tel: 0086 4008 100 988

4. Physical (Huaihai Lu)

Over the years, Physical has continued its expansion, evolution, and incorporation of new ideas and technology into the business. Throughout this evolution, the motto of “Quality in service and attractiveness in price” has remained unchanged.

To meet the needs of individual members, Physical always reflects current lifestyle trends through its forward-looking strategies. Today, building a healthy and beautiful body is an integral part of smart living.

Add: 7/F, 527 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Yandang Lu, Shanghai
Tel: 0086 021 6390 8890

5 . Ambassy Club

This is a popular gym and clubhouse attached to Ambassy Court, a high-end housing estate. Members can use an indoor and outdoor pool, plus a good gym on the third floor. There’s also a cafe in the basement with decent coffee and sandwiches. In the summer, the outdoor pool is a big hit on the weekends with Ambassy residents and health-club members. Membership’s about 7,000 a year.

Add: 1500 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu, Shanghai
Tel: 0086 021 6437 9800

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