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Coolest Bars in Shanghai

Shanghai is probably the busiest, most vibrant, bustling and diverse city in China – so you have to imagine there are a certain number of incredible bars. Whether you’re looking for luxury or laid back, we’ve got your back: TKHUNT knows Shanghai. Here are our top picks.

1. Monkey Champagne

Monkey Champagne

This bar hides behind the wonderful Bonobo Restaurant, which is also worth your time and wallet. Monkey Champagne itself is a top 40 hip-hop kind of place, but lovable in its own way and perfect if you’re into that. Though the drink prices aren’t so adorable, they’re attentive with the free snacks – so we forgive them.

2. iKandy Ultralounge


The bizarrely named iKandy Ultralounge earns a place on this list with its opulent showmanship. Located in the middle of the Pudong Shangri-la Hotel (fifth floor) the lounge here is suitable for taking in some red wine, and appreciating the beauty of the décor. (Also kind of a primo date spot if you’ve got one.)

3. Bar Rouge

Bar Rouge

Located right on the Huangpu River, Bar Rouge is a fabulous place for a night out with friends. There’s a great view of the river, and in general it’s so pleasant that just one drink is out of the question.

4. Dogtown


Great deals here on foreign beer and cocktails, and, as foreigner bars go, a compellingly cosmopolitan scene. You can find people to talk to here any night, practically any hour.

5. Speak Low

Speak Low

The reputation of this bar is already established: quiet spot. It sits behind a bookstore if that’s any indication. Go if you have something important to talk about and need to loosen your lips with a Cabernet. It does fill up though. Go early if you want to see the third floor.

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