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The Best Hotel Pools in Shanghai

The Best Hotel Pools In Shanghai

Choosing a luxury hotel’s indoor swimming pool – for the hot Shanghai afternoon that just got one degree too humid – is an art in and of itself. Thankfully, there’s no need to go it alone. TKHUNT has your back with Shanghai’s top hotel pools to help you chill out or workout this summer.

1. Four Seasons Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai

Four Seasons Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai

Our list starts off with the For Seasons Pudong’s pool for good reason: this Infinity Edge Pool overlooks the skyline. Located on the 41st floor of the Four Seasons Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai, it has a 18-meter long infinity pool section and, while it’s not technically outdoors, you can enjoy the view through the French windows and roof, which lets in plenty of good light.

2. Pudong Shangri-la Hotel iKandy Terrace Lounge

Pudong Shangri-la Hotel iKandy Terrace Lounge

Constituting the fifth floor of the Pujiang and Zijin Buildings, the Shangri-La Hotel’s iKandy Terrace Lounge boasts an incredible pool. 25 meters long by 8 meters wide and 1.2 meters deep, this exceptional Shanghai pool is open from the middle of June until the end of the summer.

3. The Langham Xintiandi Hotel

The Langham Xintiandi Hotel

The Langham Xintiandi Hotel offers a 25-meter indoor heated swimming pool, surrounded by enough coffee-colored marble to relax pretty much anyone. There’s a massage bathtub in the Fitness Center with a variety of customizable inputs, and the combo workout-massage afternoon that this affords is really something you should think about.

4. Park Hyatt Hotel Shanghai

Park Hyatt Hotel Shanghai

At 85 meters up, this is probably the highest indoor swimming pool in Chian. The Shanghai Park Hyatt’s luxurious swimming pool is located at the center of their indoor water complex. Guests can also enjoy the scenery outside- with the Huangpu River and the city both visible.

5. The PuLi Hotel and Spa

The PuLi Hotel and Spa

The PuLi Hotel’s Health Club comes with a superbly equipped state-of-the-art gymnasium, sauna, steam room, experiential showers, Jacuzzi and 25-meter infinity pool, as well as the first Anatara Spa in Shanghai.

6. The Ritz Carlton Pudong Hotel

The Ritz Carlton Pudong Hotel

Located on the fifty-third floor of Shanghai’s Pudong Ritz Carlton Hotel, this pool is kept at a constant indoor temperature year round. The décor is also one-of-a-kind, with high ceilings and high windows. To top things off, there’s a cocktail bar beside the pool that also serves selections from the hotel’s estimable wine collection. We recommend a Bordeaux with your laps.

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