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Lady Beard Returns to Hong Kong

Lady Beard Returns to Hong Kong

Everyone is super excited at welcoming back Ladybeard to Hong Kong!

The Australian 6ft wrestler, singer and professional “crossplayer” has rocketed to mainstream popularity after leaving Hong Kong and moving to Japan in 2013. Ladybeard is renowned for cosplaying as a five-year-old girl but his true self is in fact a heavily-muscled Australian chap who wears feminine costumes complete with pigtails crowning his bearded face.

When he lived in Hong Kong, he was known for singing metal versions of Canto-pop songs and now in Japan, he’s evolved his show from a metal show into an idol show. All his outfits are tailor-made and he’s led the way into creating “kawaii-core” (“kawaii”/cute + hardcore).

He’s back in Hong Kong (in his own words) “to create moments of joy for people”

Ladybeard currently has more than 75,000 likes on facebook and over 89,000 followers on twitter. Those who have been following Ladybeard’s career will know that his side project Ladybaby, a pop metal band with two teen girls whose debut single, “Japan Bun” currently has over 10 million views. Cosplay fans & anyone who up for a good afternoon of rather ‘alternative’ entertainment are most welcome to , come along on Saturday 16th January to Focal Fair to experience Ladybeard up-close-and-personal. Ladybeard will be singing songs and adding some theatrical zing to his live performance.
There will also be some VIP tickets available for fans.

Date: 16 Jan 2015 Sat
Venue: Focal Fair

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