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Beijing’s Best Chicken Feet(鸡爪) Dishes

Chicken feet. Either you love this snack or you hate it. It has been a popular feature in many regional Chinese cuisines; they can be served as a beer snack, cold dish, in a soup or as s main dish.

Most of the edible tissue on the feet consists of skin and tendons, with no muscle. This gives it a distinct texture different from the rest of the chicken’s meat. The fun part lies in getting yourself to eat this for the first time. For some it is a big achievement, for others, its simply just another dish on a plate. They might initially creep you out a little bit, but once you dig in it actually tastes quite good and flavorsome.

So… without further a due, we present to you the best of chicken feet here in Beijing:

Xu Ju: King Of Chicken Feet(徐记鸡爪王)

Xu Ju: King Of Chicken Feet
Although this restaurant is located outside the CBD, the reasonable prices help to maintain a regular following if patrons. Xu Ju uses their home-made recipe to soak the pieces in a slightly sour basting before grilling. They offer a non-spicy as well as spicy version of this delicacy and along with that you can expect a assorted vegetable soup and hot & sour rice noodles which also fares well with the people who drop by for a quick bite.

CHILLI CRUSH Hutong(胡同串子)

This cute little place has everything for it: unique decor, a rooftop terrace and even a dog that welcomes you at the door. They are mainly known for their dishes that are first stewed and then skewered for roasting, but the chicken feet on their menu are well worth trying. Expect a crispy exterior with a tender interior, combined with a delicious basting. Definitely a must-try in terms of venue and quality of food.

East Sanhuan Roasted Leg Of Lamb(东三环小院碳烤羊腿)

East Sanhuan Roasted Leg Of Lamb
Located right by the overpass, the sign-board of the shop is not conspicuous at all, but after you make your way through the simple and unsophisticated yard, a lively atmosphere awaits you. We recommend this venue for a get-together with friends or a hang-out with colleagues after a long day of work. The well-cut pieces lamb leg ranks number one for most who pop in, but they have a plethora of seafood dishes available and a good standard of chicken feet to accompany any of your orders.


The shop is decorated in a very simple fashion, but it does not stop their many die-hard patrons to dine here. The crayfish here is said to be the best of the best in Gui Jie, where competition is fairly stiff between restaurants, but this does not mean that they pay less attention to whatever else they offer on their menu which also includes chicken feet which should be ordered with a variety of other tapas-style dishes. Food is served and delicious.

Xu Donghei Noodle(徐冬嘿小面)

Xu Donghei Noodle
The owner of this store might not be from the North-East of China, but he certainly knows how to maintain a good standard with his affordable dishes and warm hospitality. The menu boasts a delicious selection of noodles which compliments many different tastes. We were notified that that the shop normally runs out of barbecue at noon – which is proof that this is where you need to eat.

Pangmei Mian Zhuang(胖妹面庄)

Pangmei Mian Zhuang
It is said that this is on of the top 50 places to get your Chongqing noodle fix. Situated on the second floor, this bustling restaurant welcomes all, but you will be sure to find many Chongqing natives chattering away in their dialect over lunch. The space is fairly large and clean and you will be sure to experience a very authentic vibe when you set foot inside. Apart from the noodles that overflow their menu, the chicken feet on the menu is worth trying as the meat is tender and falls off the bone in different flavors.

Ba Jie Pig’s Feet Pot(八戒蹄花锅)

Ba Jie Pig's Feet Pot
Returning customers are plenty here and as you pass by the inviting aromas are sure to grab your attention if nothing else does. They offer both pig and chicken feet win two styles: slow-cooked in pot or roasted to perfection. The pot-cooked dishes are based with a different flavors of soup and if you dare you can add extra spice to give your meal extra bite.

Xun Zhua Ji(寻爪记)

Xun Zhua Ji
This shop offers their chicken feet in a very specialized honey-barbecue flavor, which is very rare in Beijing. This shop is quite tiny, with a large count of people swarming in to get their daily fix. Although there is a limited supply of their most-loved chicken feet delicacy, the shop remains popular with its reasonable prices and very charming owner.

Zao Tai Xiang Restaurant(灶台香餐厅)

Zao Tai Xiang Restaurant
Expect plenty of friendly countryside hospitality at this restaurant that specializes in fresh, home-style cooking. All dishes on the menu (including their chicken feet) are salty to the tongue, but all dishes can be cooked according to your preference with notice in advance. Another plus is that the parking is free.
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 21:00

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