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​NCPA Opera Commission Fang Zhimin

NCPA Opera Commission fang zhimin

NCPA Opera Commission Fang Zhimin will be held at NCPA-Opera House, Beijing from Dec.22 to Dec.27, 2015.

The opera follows the keynote of Fang Zhimin’s masterpiece Lovely China, and bridges two space-times of ‘the Present’ and ‘the Past’ by means of characters’ ideological conflicts and emotional impacts.

‘The Present’ highlights that Fang Zhimin continues the fight in another ‘more tenacious way’ in jail: in face of torture and trial in jail, military judge Hu Yi’s attempt of ‘guide’ to ‘destroy faith’ or ‘meeting with his wife Mu Min in jail’ as bait, Fang Zhimin is always unyielding… Through a series of soul struggle, he not only makes the interrogators flog a dead horse, but also impresses Hu Yi with his personal charms. Hu Yi promises to help Fang Zhimin deliver the works he finished in prison.

‘The Past’ focuses on the events with greatest impact on Fang Zhimin at different stages to prove his personality: knowing the impossibilities but persevering, he protects the Central Red Army and exhausts his supplies and ammunition. In Northwestern Jiangxi Revolutionary Base, in spite of his mother’s crying and his own inner pain, he punishes his own relations in the cause of justice, and defends the Soviet dignity. Burning with anger for sign board of ‘the Chinese and dogs are not allowed’ in Bund Park, he vows to fight against foreign aggression and restore lost territory of China.

In the last moments of his life, space-times of ‘the Present’ and ‘the Past’ blend in one. At the same time, Fang Zhimin’s dream in Lovely China with striking literary grace has already come true one by one in today’s China.

NCPA Chorus
Established on December 8, 2009, NCPA Chorus is the resident chorus of the China National Centre for the Performing Arts.

Now the Chorus invites Wu Lingfen as the conductor, with many artists well-known in China and abroad giving instructions. Affiliated to NCPA, the highest palace of performing arts in China, the Chorus adheres to NCPA’s guiding principles of ‘for the people, for the arts, and for the world’ and is recognized as a vigorous and promising professional chorus.

Composer: Meng Weidong
Librettists: Feng Boming, Feng Bilie
Conductor: Lü Jia
Director: Liao Xianghong
Set Design: Gao Guangjian
Costume Design: Chen Tongxun
Lighting Design: Xing Xin

When: 22-27 Dec 2015 19:30-22:00
Price: RMB 100/280/380/550/600/680/880

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