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UPDATE – Europe Trip 2018 announcement!

UPDATE - Europe Trip 2018 announcement!

We’re very excited to announce our first trip of 2018 as we’re heading back to Europe with family for a winter adventure as we explain in this travel update video. During mid-January to mid-March we’ve been traveling with Sam’s parents on an almost annual basis. We firstly did a trip together in Southeast Asia and then South America followed by India and now Europe for the first time together. It is special in many ways because it will be my Dad’s (George) first time to visit Europe and my Mom’s first time to come back since well before I was even born. We’re traveling in the heart of winter but avoiding some of the coldest parts of Europe by focusing on Portugal, Spain, Italy, Croatia and Greece. All in all our trip by destination and mode of transportation as we visit 12 destinations over 10 weeks:

1) Lisbon, Portugal (arrive by a flight from Toronto, Canada)
2) Porto, Portugal (short bus ride from Lisbon)
3) Madrid, Spain (two days of travel with an overnight stay in Vigo)
4) Valencia, Spain (high speed train from Madrid)
5) Granada, Spain (slow bus ride from Valencia)
6) Rome, Italy (bus to Malaga airport and flight out)
7) Florence, Italy (high speed train from Rome)
8) Venice, Italy (high speed train from Florence)
9) Split, Croatia (train to Ancona and overnight ferry)
10) Dubrovnik, Croatia (scenic bus ride)
11) Athens, Greece (2 flights with Istanbul being our hub)
12) Santorini, Greece (long ferry ride there and back)
*Flight from Athens back to Toronto via Istanbul again*

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UPDATE – Europe Trip 2018 announcement! Video Transcript:

Hello world! It is time to sit down on my couch. We are back on my couch here in B-Town Brampton and we have another trip to announce.

Well the trip has already happened actually. We’ve been fast. We wanted to let you know what is coming up on our channel. So you tell us about the UK first.

In terms of the UK I did a project in Northern Ireland. And that happened last summer and so we’re finally getting around to editing that footage and while you were doing that you were in? While you were doing that I was in sorry guys I was in London. Hahaha. You were in London. I was in Northern Ireland. A rare a rare chance for us to be apart. I know. We split up to film separately.

We’ve been sitting on that footage because it was actually for a campaign for Visit Britain and a commercial as well. But now that there stuff is live we can actually play around with the footage. Yeah. So we want to share the trip with you guys on YouTube. Yeah, and it was a really cool project. Basically the concept was we did something different for every hour of the day. Yes. For 24 hours. That means I was running around for 24 hours in London showing you guys 24 activities so yeah that will be coming up soon. It was definitely a fun project.

The big trip that we want to announce is that we’ve been doing an annual trip with my parents. The first time we went to Southeast Asia with them. Then we went to South America. Last year was India and this year we’re taking them to Europe for the 1st time. That means we’re heading back to Europe. We’ve got a 10 week trip with them covering 12 different destinations. And I’ve got to admit like you said we’ve already finished the trip. Yes. But we can give you kind of a little taster of what is to come.

That was basically that is the 12 destinations 10 week trip we did with my parents. I think it is going to be a really fun series. It is going to be nice because my Dad (George) makes a lot of appearances in this. Yes. And I think you’ll find his uh quirky personality quite funny. He certainly kept us laughing on this trip. It was just a really great trip. We really appreciate the opportunity to travel with our family. It was awesome and so please come and join us for this Euro trip adventure that we have. Alright it is coming soon! Bye.

This is part of our Travel in Europe video series showcasing European food, European culture and European cuisine.

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