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Taipei December Really, Really Free Market

Taipei December Really, Really Free Market

The event is always in the same place: on the grass under the trees, right outside NTU Hospital Station Exit 1. 2pm – 4pm

“A Really Really Free Market (RRFM) is a community gathering where participants bring, and give away -absolutely free – any usable items, skills, ideas, smiles, talents, friendship, excitement, discussions, games and many others things that we as a community can come together and share. An RRFM is a 100% free and non-commercial event, organized by participants just like you. It is a temporary autonomous zone instituting the gift economy as an alternative to the capitalist mode of resource distribution. An RRFM is not just a once a month party, it is an ethos and a way of being that transforms people through its experience and is then carried into other areas of life.”

They encourage attendees to try to participate by bringing something to share if possible: any thing you no longer need from your home or just some food! Everybody loves food. Skills (think haircuts, teaching how to draw, juggling, sewing, guitar, foreign languages, etc) as well as music are all great additions. Please share your talents!

Of course if you really have nothing to bring that is okay too.

Left over stuff will be donated, you don’t have to take it home!

If you have any questions regarding the market, please do not hesitate to contact the organizer, Ellery Hamann.

When: 27 Dec 2015 Sun 14:00-16:00
Where: 228 Peace Memorial Park
Price: Free

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