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Europe Travel | 유럽여행 | How to make a film while traveling alone

Europe Travel | 유럽여행 | How to make a film while traveling alone

I tried to make a film during my 3-month-solo-travel around Europe. It was just from the idea that it would be fun if I continued each scene from each city I visited. Since I was travelling alone, most part of the film was shot with the help of many other people walking around.

혼자 3개월 동안 유럽여행 다니면서 유럽여행 영상을 만들어봤어요.
그냥 여행하는 도시마다 영상을 계속 찍어서 이어주면 재밌겠단 단순한 생각으로 만들게 된 영상입니다. 혼자 다니다 보니 대부분 영상은 길거리에 지나가는 많은 분의 도움으로 촬영되었어요.

traveling to Europe
– route
Sep 10 – Dec 08, 2014 _ London 7- Brussels 4-Bruges- Amsterdam 3- Frankfurt 3- Heidelberg- Berlin 3- Prague 5- München 5-Füssen- Vienna 3- Budapest 2- Salzburg 2- Luzern 2- Rigi- Interlaken 4-Jungfrau- Venezia 1- Firenze 5- Pisa-Cinque Terre- Rome 5- Assisi 3-Barcelona 8- Madrid 2- Granada 2-Málaga 2- Sevilla 4- Ronda- Lisbon 2- Porto 2- Paris 9

In London, Vienna, Salzburg, and Paris I did hommage after looking around the places for the background of these movies.

런던, 비엔나, 잘츠부르크, 파리에서는 아래 리스트의 영화 촬영지를 돌아보며 영화의 장면을 오마주했습니다.

London – Roger Michell “Notting Hill” (1999)

Vienna – Richard Linklater “Before Sunrise” (1995)

Salzburg – Robert Wise “The Sound Of Music” (1965)

Paris – Richard Linklater “Before Sunset” (2004), Woody Allen “Midnight in Paris” (2011)

Especially in Paris, I hommage many scenes of “Midnight in Paris” by Woody Allen so you will love it till the end of my film.

특히 파리에서는 Woody Allen “Midnight In Paris” (2011)의 많은 장면을 오마주하였으니 끝까지 감상하면 재미있을 것이라고 확신합니다.

Alone All Around Europe

Directed by Jeongjin Lee

Edited by Jeongjin Lee

Music – Arctic Monkeys – No.1 Party Anthem, Mad Sounds

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Shot with a iPhone 5S

Edited in iPhone 5S app iMovie


– United Kingdom
– Belgium
– Netherlands
– Germany
– Czech
– Austria
– Hungary
– Switzerland
– Italy
– Spain
– Portugal
– France

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