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Miles Book Rope

Christmas snow? Let BOOKS FLOAT!

It’s Christmas, the time of giving and receiving. Flow Bookshop is organizing a “Miles Book Rope” activities. When was the last time you hold a book to sleep? Do you remember your last encounter with a life inspiring book? This Christmas, let’s a romantic encounter with books in Central.

Flow Bookshop will hold a large-scale flowbook event in the center of Hong Kong. You are invited to participate in this event: FlowBookshop, a supporter of Flow Movement, it’s one of few second-hand book shops around town that support re-circulation of books. Swing by Flow to rack up some karma points and save a few dollars on your next literary adventure.

How to Flow Books:
1. Register at their FB page.
2. Come to FlowBookshop Flow Books at 14:30, they will start from Lyndhurst Terrace.
3. Pick up a book and then pass it to the person next to you, they will line up to the Mid-levels escalators, Central Market, then a circle back to Lyndhurst Terrace, like a miles of string.
4. If you feels the calling when a book passing your hand, keep it!
5. Take a picture of the book, and return it to the flow next Christmas.

Actual Event Date: 27 Dec 2015 Sun 14:30 – 16:00
Venue: Flow Bookshop
Price: Pay as you like donation

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