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Travel To England | Full History And Documentary About England In Urdu & Hindi | انگلینڈ کی سیر

Travel To England | Full History And Documentary About England In Urdu & Hindi | انگلینڈ کی سیر

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Amazing Facts And Urdu History And Documentary About Video England
In this video we will introduce you to today’s friends of all friends who watch Shani TV, a country east of the Samali sea that ruled over half the world and had the most illegitimate children born in this country. One of the main reasons is not to value weddings in this country, other than that we will tell you about the complex secrets of this country before if you did not subscribe to our current channel Shani TV on YouTube. Quickly subscribe and hit the bull icon button next to timed videos of all the Sirasia hits to get you timely.England is derived from the Old English language word Angla which means “Land of the English”. The English were ancient Germanic tribes who settled here in the early Middle Ages
The full and official name of England is England. The borders of England meet Scotland in the north and Wales in the west. The Irish Sea is found in the northwest while the Celtic sea is found in the southwest. The capital of England is London and also the largest city in the country, but in many respects the EU’s largest municipality.
If you talk about interesting facts about England, you must be shocked to know that five-year-olds in England are allowed to drink alcohol in a private place, such as using alcohol in their home or on a supermarket. In England, every year a Lying Festival is held in which people from all over the world gather and everyone has to tell a lie that is deemed to be near reality. But the weird thing is that no politician or lawyer is allowed to participate because they believe That politicians and lawyers are the liars are not given much importance in England. Every child born here is called a citizen of England. By 2015, domestic oil production currently accounts for more than 50% of the country. Oil and gas supply more than 70% of its total basic energy needs. Oil production reached nearly 2.7 million barrels a year in 1999. Oil production was $ 4.7 billion in 2014 and all regions of this country. Settled during the Industrial Revolution of the 19th Century. Most of the area, aside from the big cities, is comprised of pastures and lush plains.This was some interesting facts about the UK based video that you will surely enjoy. Share this video with your friends on WhatsApp and Facebook Wall. Subscribe to the channel and comment on the comments. Stay tuned for life soon with a new video from God for ever

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