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Riding the Silk Road in Turkey : MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURE// The Story of B – Episode 5: Turkey Here I am

Riding the Silk Road in Turkey : MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURE// The Story of B - Episode 5: Turkey Here I am

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In April 2019 I left on a big motorcycle adventure starting in Belgium all the way to the Himalaya’s and Further. My plan is take no highways, ride off-road when possible, wild camp and stay with people as much as you can and try to rock climb in every country.
The crossover between Europe and Asia…

Entering Turkey was a bit with mixed feelings… I was a little sad and exhausted from the awesome week I had on Kalymnos (Greece) since I enjoyed some world class climbing there and spent the week with Belgian friends! From now I’m traveling back alone, set up camp and cook on my own…

Paying almost 100 euro for a 45min ferry from Greece to Bodrum, I finally arrived in Turkey.

I was scouting for Baklava, typical ice cream shops, durum’s and kebab… Instead I got treated with a way more diverse country than I expected. After driving only a few kilometers I was already seeing a huge diversity of authentic food and shops, amazing nature, friendly people and great roads and trails.

Arriving in Pamukkale, which is a mineral rich thermal bath, I was amazed by the amount of Asian people trying to take the “perfect” selfie. Luckily, they closed a big part of the baths for tourists, but unfortunately the majority was already destroyed by mass tourism (when it was still allowed to walk into every pool).
I continued my journey towards Istanbul and crossed some great canyons, did some rock climbing, drove through picturesque villages and each time I refueled my bike, I was offered some Çay (Turkish tea), so nice!

I shipped my Iranian Visa and Passport from Belgium to Turkey and would pick it up in Istanbul. Easy peasy I thought… Suddenly my passport was lost between Belgium and Turkey and I needed to stay and wait in Istanbul for several days..

Eventually it took 17 days for it to be delivered, wherefrom I “waited” 8 days in Istanbul. But no worries, it has it all! Western, Asian and Turkish culture, good and bad coffee, skyscrapers and wooden (ottoman) houses, Baklava and kebab, Hamam,.. in other words: a really cool and intriguing city!

After receiving the Iranian visa, I continued towards the amazing Cappadocia (Göreme) and further explored East Turkey.

A big thanks to Givi for supporting me with their awesome luggage system!
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A big thanks to Mat2Composites for helping me with the Rally Inspired front fairing!

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