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Wild cursive-Shih Yen-Chun Solo Exhibition

Wild cursive-Shih Yen-Chun Solo Exhibition

Calligraphy is a visual art that has a rich and deep history. It has evolved for over a thousand years into a complete set of strokes, and extends into a variety of morphological variations and combinations. They include the different shades of ink that express the beauty of characters, even more, gestures in dance performances inherit this idea too.

The exhibition of the artist, Shih Yen-Chun avoids the traditional techniques of calligraphy art and instead uses weaving to present calligraphy in a totally different way. By selecting plant vines and light as a creative medium Shih Yen-Chun converted a writing plane into a three dimensional space. This whole new interpretation gives viewers a new experience of “reading”.

Paper defines the cycle of life. Therefore Suho Paper Memorial Museum focuses on the creation of botanical art. We believe these all reflect the rhythm of nature.

“Cursive” is another way of expressing characters, from figurative to abstract. This new experience guide viewers to interpret Chinese characters in a sensible way.

When: 11 Jan  -23 Aprl 2016  9:30-16:30
Where: Suho Memorial Paper Museum

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