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Inherit The Wind

This thought-provoking play is set during the infamous Scopes trial, in which the teaching of creationism came head-to-head against the teaching of scientific fact. Each of the two main characters, Matthew Harrison Brady and Henry Drummond, represents one side of the central conflict: Brady represents the fundamentalist viewpoint, and Drummond is the advocate for science and freedom of thought. The courtroom battle that ensues between these two famous attorneys is the focus of the play.

This is an English Language production.

Writer: J. Lawrence, R.E. Lee.
Director: Nicole Garbellini

Date: 8 Jan 2016 Fri 20:00; 9/10 Jan Sat – Sun 15:00, 20:00
Venue: Hong Kong Repertory Theatre
Price: 200/220/250/300 HKD

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