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Priceless Sycee: The Ching Fong Tai Chinese Ancient Silver Ingots Collection

Priceless Sycee_ The Ching Fong Tai Chinese Ancient Silver Ingots Collection

Some cash forged during the Tang dynasty was inscribed with the four characters “Kaiyuan Tongbao”. The four characters were later orally read as “Kaitong Yuanbao”. This was the origin of the use of the term, “Yuanbao,” for silver ingots. Some of the excavated silver ingots of the Yuan dynasty carry the inscriptions, “Yuanbao,” on the reverse side. “Yuanbao,” means treasure or valuable currency of the Yuan dynasty, and is a highly auspicious symbol. It represents the revenue of the nation, and an essential element in the ancient Chinese currency system and of traditional culture.
During family reunion dinners on Chinese Lunar New Year Eve, it is a popular custom to serve a plate of steamed dumplings – similar in appearance to silver ingots – to wish good luck in making money during the coming year. In this New Year period, we invite all of you to enjoy a journey around silver ingots, and savor a very Happy New Year!

When: 8 Jan – 20 March 2016 10:00-18:00 (Except Chinese New Year Eve)
Where: National Taiwan Museum
Price: NT$15/30

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