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The Top 8 Revolving Restaurants in Beijing

When you’re dining at a revolving restaurant 250 feet above Beijing, you expect the views to be fantastic. The real surprise is when the food appears – and it’s excellent.

What better way to savor a beautiful city than from this vantage point: a window seat at a revolving restaurant where the shifting views complement the gourmet courses. Here is a list of Beijing’s best revolving restaurants.

1. The Central Television Tower Revolving Restaurant 中央电视塔旋转餐厅

Situated 221 meters above ground, the Central Television Tower Revolving Restaurant reaches greater heights than any other restaurant in Beijing. It has the fastest revolving speed, going full circle in 90 minutes. You can enjoy an all-round panorama of the entire capital’s beauty while sipping a fine glass of wine. The restaurant serves Chinese food and the western buffet offers French and Italian dishes.

Address: No. 11 West Sanhuan Middle Road, Haidian District

The Central Television Tower Revolving Restaurant4 The Central Television Tower Revolving Restaurant3 The Central Television Tower Revolving Restaurant2

2. Xiyuan Hotel Revolving Restaurant 西苑饭店

Xiyuan Hotel was the first to introduce a revolving restaurant in Beijing. Its numerous foreign chefs create buffets flavored from many countries including those in Southeast Asia. You can overlook the spectacular sites of the capital city while enjoying the delicious food. And through the sightseeing windows, you will also have a good view of main attractions like the Beijing Zoo, Beijing Aquarium, Zizhuyuan Park and the National Library.

Address: 26/F, Xiyuan Hotel, No. 1 Sanlihe Road, Haidian District

Xiyuan Hotel Revolving Restaurant

3. Starlight Revolving Restaurant at Beijing International Hotel 星光汇旋转餐厅

One of the four great revolving restaurants in Beijing, Starlight occupies the 28th floor of the International Hotel at a distance of 104 meters from the ground. You can take in the night beauty of Chang’an Avenue through the viewing windows while enjoying delicious food. The restaurant also holds some regular activities like Typical Street Scenes and Delicious Food Week during which both food and scenery can be enjoyed at the same time.

Address: No. 9 Jianguomen Inner Street, Dongcheng District

Starlight Revolving Restaurant at Beijing International Hotel2 Starlight Revolving Restaurant at Beijing International Hotel

4. Pinnacle Revolving Restaurant at Kunlun Hotel 昆仑饭店顶峰俱乐部

Pinnacle is the only 360-degree revolving restaurant in the Central Business District. As the restaurant slowly turns, the beauty of the eastern Central Business District region and the embassy district, as well as the Liangma River can be enjoyed in a panoramic view. Pinnacle serves authentic food from China, Western countries, Japan, India and Southeast Asia.

Address: 29/F, Kunlun Hotel, No. 2 South Xinyuanli Road, Chaoyang District

Pinnacle Revolving Restaurant at Kunlun Hotel Pinnacle Revolving Restaurant at Kunlun Hotel2

5. China Grill at Park Hyatt Beijing 北京亮

The restaurant is like a garden in heaven with lots of water curtains and a profusion of wild green plants. Looking down from any spot in the restaurant, you can enjoy different views of Beijing. You’ll also enjoy luxurious sunshine amidst the greenery as the sun’s warm rays shine through the pyramid-shaped glass roof.

Address: 66/F, Park Hyatt Beijing, No. 2 Jianguomen Outer Avenue, Chaoyang District

China Grill4 China Grill3 China Grill2 China Grill

6. 3912 Bar

Located in the 39th floor of the modern SOHO city, 3912 Bar has a 270-degree viewing angle, which gives you the whole beauty of Chang’an Avenue. You can relax in the restaurant with beautiful music, incomparable views and good red wine. Japanese dishes and western food, as well as delicious spaghetti, are offered here.

Address: Room 3912, Block A, SOHO modern city, No. 88 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District

7. The Le Lido Hotel Element Fresh Restaurant 丽都饭店新元素餐厅

There are two floors in Element Fresh with new outdoor seating. From the floors to the tables, everything is designed in wood. You can sit on the first floor overlooking the street, or in the gazebo on the second floor to enjoy the scenery of the trees along the streets and the beauty beyond.

Address: Room E101, Power Center of Le Lido Hotel, No. 6 Jiangtai Road, Chaoyang District

8. Fez Bar

Located on the 6th floor rooftop of Nali Patio in Sanlitun, Fez Bar occupies an excellent position from which to enjoy a panoramic view. The noise from the city is kept from entering the bar by the flowers and trees outside. It’s a perfect place for having a drink with friends and passing the time on summer nights.

Address: The 6th floor rooftop of Nali Patio, No. 81 Sanlitun North Street, Chaoyang District

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