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Nightscape 2050 Travelling Exhibition – A Dialogue Between Cities – Light – People in the Future

What can we expect our lighting environment in 2050 to be? This exhibition will serve as a platform to exchange dialogue of our delightful future of light and people throughout the world.

In celebration of the International Year of Light in 2015 and the practice’s 25th anniversary, Lighting Planners Associates (LPA) from Japan is putting up an exhilarating travelling exhibition Nightscape 2050 between August 2015 and June 2016. Nightscape 2050 is intended to be one of its kind for Light and Lighting, in which visions of the future of lighting and the way LPA imagines to use this light are shared with the visitors. Nightscape 2050 has already travelled to Berlin and Singapore and received favourable response. It will be exhibited in Hong Kong in January 2016.

Nightscape 2050 will be shown at ArtisTree in Hong Kong from 8 January to 30 January 2016. The exhibition will feature five interactive light experience rooms for you to immerse yourself in a “light” journey where you can enjoy and feel various forms of light and lighting. The Hong Kong exhibition will also present the Hong Kong nightscape from present to future, and share what Hong Kong designers and kids think about Hong Kong nightscape in 2050. There will also be provoking video interviews with visionaries who share their visions for lighting in the future. In addition, LPA has conducted kids workshops around the world and will showcase the favourite light of the kids at the exhibition.


Highlights of the Exhibition:
– HK-Exclusive – Play with Light!: 5 rooms are set up for human-and-light experience each triggers different mood, e.g. ‘Light Magic and Reflection & Refraction’
– HK-Exclusive – Hong Kong Nightscape: Presents Hong Kong nightscape from present to future as shown in 5 categories: Tourism, Landmark, People, Spirit and Pollution
– HK-Exclusive – 2050 Future Harbour Nightscape Proposal: Star architects and landscape designers visualise 5 wonderful proposed nightscapes in the future, e.g. glowing skyscraper and lighting projection along Victoria Harbour
– Lighting Pavilion: Creates experience through various forms of light and lighting in a dark studio which is comprised of 3 parts.
– Learning from Masters: Shows video interviews of five experts who share their visions of lighting in the future
– Learning from Children: Showcases kids’ favourite lighting with drawings and video as a result of LPA’s workshops which were conducted worldwide earlier


Date: 8 – 30 Jan 2016 10:00 – 20:00 (8/9/30 Jan 10:00 – 17:00)
Talk Session – panel discussion of HK Future Nightscape with special guests from AECOM, KPF, Lead 8, RAD & LPA: 9 Jan 2016 Sat 15:00 – 17:00
Venue: ArtisTree
Price: Free


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