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Introduction Vietnam Tourism Travel Beach Tour Hotel Voyages Circuits

Introduction Vietnam Tourism Travel Beach Tour Hotel Voyages  Circuits

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,Introduction Vietnam Travel Highlights from Asia Pacific Travel Vietnam

Culture in Vietnam
Vietnamese culture is heavily influenced by a long history of rice cultivation. A warm and rainy climate provides the suitable atmosphere for wet rice paddies in a country laced with rivers and bordered by the East Sea. Vietnam has also been widely influenced by surrounding cultures in Southeast Asia, as well as by India and China. Although relatively small in size, Vietnam is ethnically and culturally diverse, with a number of different dialects varying according to region, and distinct local specialties in every village. The Vietnamese character is often remarked upon for its subtlety and grace, in a nation that has learned to both embrace its own unique culture heritage while blending with the benefits of the modern era.

Nature in Vietnam
From the mist-capped mountains along the Chinese border, to the rushing waters of Mekong River Delta and the dense jungles and wet rice-paddy valleys throughout the length of the country, Vietnam’s natural landscape is nothing short of breathtaking to foreign eye. Species of flora and fauna inhabiting Vietnam number in the hundreds, including elephants, bears, monkeys, sea and fresh water turtles, buffalo, and countless exotic birds. Winters are light in the North, chilly in the moutains, and nonexistent in the South. Depending on the season of travel, visitors are sure to find a climate that suits them most.

Festivals in Vietnam
Among the holidays, Tet is generally the most widely celebrated, over a length of one to three weeks. Days of dancing, singing, and eating across the country mark a period of pure festivity anticipated eagerly by all throughout the year.
The variety of both local and national festivals in Vietnam, conveniently allows tourists to take part in at least one or two during their stay. Day to day customs must also be considered among the country’s festivals. Incense is lit and fruit and wine symbolically offered to family ancestors on the opening and mid days of each lunar calendar month.
Anniversary of deaths are celebrated with equal significance an birthdays, where friends and families can gather to reminisce and pay their respects.
Weddings often last one to three days and mark one of the principal stages in both a man and a woman’s life. Eating and singing take place during weddings among families both wealthy and poor, and brides are dressed in both traditional garments and Western white gowns.

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