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Tik Ka – Chinese star pot

Tik Ka - Chinese star pot

Tikka Ng began his artistic career in 2006. He is known for the “So Ha” Art, demonstrating different aspects of traditional Chinese culture with loveable baby characters.

Tikka’s creativity has taken a deep root in China’s traditional culture; he has incorporated strong Chinese traits in his artistic expression. Fusing the distinct Chinese characteristics with Western elements and Japanese superflat technique, Tikka ultimately creates his own narrative and recognizable style. In the recent body of work, Tikka investigates the traditional Chinese value of death and life.

Tikka has collaborated with renowned commercial brands and corporations, including HK Commercial Radio, 7-Eleven, Heineken, Coca Cola, Nescafe, One2free, Tsui Wah Restaurant Group, Plaza Hollywood, Metro City Plaza, Henderson Land Development Company, Devilrobots of Singapore, Artoyez and Peugeot of France.

When: 16 Jan – 2 Feb 2016 14:00-21:00
Where: Wrong Gallery Taipei

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