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Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Chiang Mai Day 1, Thailand 2019 Ethical Elephant Camp VLOG

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Chiang Mai Day 1, Thailand 2019 Ethical Elephant Camp VLOG

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Chiang Mai Day 1, Thailand 2019 Ethical Elephant Camp VLOG

Chiang Mai Elephant Jungle Sanctuary was awesome. They have multiple elephant camps and will pick you up at your hotel in a covered open back truck. Expect about a 2-hour ride to and from the elephant camp. In the morning the stop at a rest stop for breakfast. With multiple options we chose the traditional Thai style breakfast. A connected pastry shop offered the most delicious croissants and coffee. We had our 65+ year old mother with us and she chose to sit up front with the driver which they accommodated. Upon arriving at the Elephant Sanctuary, the caretakers give you a brief overview of the activities and ask you to change into the designated shirts. The elephants recognize the traditional shirts and know you are bringing treats. The caretakers have us fill our pockets with bananas and show us how to feed the elephants. You will hear the words “Bon Bon” often. The elephants will open their mouth and allow you to place a banana inside. Don’t be shy the elephants are always hungry and love bananas. The highlight for our visit was the baby elephant Charlie. He was so mischievous it was comical. Stealing shoes, headbutting guests who challenge him, and trying to throw little kicks with his short legs. He was adorable like a small toddler. All the animals are rescued, living out their years of life without working. I would recommend it to ANYONE! You get to feed them, no riding, no tricks. You walk with them down to a patch where they play, bath and swim. Super intimate and mind blowing to see such awesome animals happy even after decades of abuse. You will get to feed them, walk and interact with them, bathe the elephants and the Jungle sanctuary will take lots of photos. Mid-day they provide a small buffet lunch with water, coffee and tea. One of our most amazing experiences in all of the world.

This visit is part of our first full 1st day in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Full Trip Report and Itinerary will be posted to our website

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Please watch: “Baby Elephant Talks Loves Bananas Chiang Mai Thailand Elephant Jungle Sanctuary”


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