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Must Eat: Food Trip to Tula | Best places to visit in Russia

Must Eat: Food Trip to Tula | Best places to visit in Russia

During my trip to Tula, I managed to eat in three popular restaurants within walking distance of the main attractions of the city. If you decide to come to the arms capital of Russia, it’s very likely that, thanks to reviews on the Internet, your choice will fall on them when you want to eat. Therefore, I decided to try everything myself.

The first on my list was ‘Khinkalnaya by the Kremlin’. The name says two things: the restaurant is located very close to the Tula Kremlin and serves Georgian cuisine. So, my choice of dishes was obvious: khinkali, khachapuri and satsivi. If you’ve only heard the names of these dishes before, then you’ll have a great opportunity to form an opinion about them here! And those who are already familiar with Georgian cuisine will not be disappointed.

I later looked into the Soldence Porterhouse. It’s a very Western establishment, both in terms of cuisine and service, which for some may be a minus. But if you’re not looking for gastronomic adventures, and simply want to try a familiar, but very good steak, then Soldence is perfect. In addition, the beer served there is really excellent.

I ended my busy day at the Serbian Restaurant Public. And again, a meat feast awaited me: goulash and another steak. This place is the closest to what, it seemed to me, a person would imagine, when thinking about Russian cuisine. Not surprising.

Yes, this list didn’t include a single restaurant with national Russian cuisine. But instead of this, Tula offers excellent restaurants of other cultures and the opportunity to try dishes that are not so often seen outside of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

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