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The Fifth Sound of Beats @ National Theater & Concert Hall

The Fifth Sound of Beats

To Feel the Impacts of Four Innovative Types of Percussion

To Marvel at the Integration of Percussion Group and Soloists
To Weave the Unique Percussion Music of Your Own

Ju Percussion Group and its four experienced percussionists-Wu Shih-san, Ho Hong-chi, Wu Pei-ching and Hwang Kuen-yean-jointly present The Fifth Sound of Beats with spectacular theatrical effects! With percussion classics and world premiere of tailor-made original music by famous composers, the four percussionists further demonstrate their sophisticated skills. Combining music with theatrical arts, Wu Shih-san presents the unique music with oriental female aesthetics; Ho Hong-chi integrates Latin music with traditional drums from both the East and West to showcase a brilliant fusion; with rarely-seen six mallets, Wu Pei-ching illustrates marimba’s potential its best to achieve the perfect combination of skilled yet expressive performance; and Hwang Kuen-yean goes beyond the audiences’ imagination and creates the illusion of multiple soundtracks by the collaboration of digital technology and jazz drums. The seamless cooperation between four percussionists and the group creates multi-layers of audio effects for percussion and thus establishes brand-new vocabularies. Genuine dialogues with audiences wake up The Fifth Sound of Beats in their heart.

Ju Percussion Group presents three major concerts annually with the aim of establishing diversified styles, showcasing creativity, inheriting tradition, and blending the East and West. Ju Percussion Group is dedicated to discovering the potential audiences as well as exploring the potential of percussion music by collaborating with other forms of arts. Over the years, Ju Percussion Group has put itself on the map of global music scene, and in the future, it will continue to march toward the goal of “rooted in Taiwan to embrace the whole world.”

Yoshihisa Taira: Hiophonie V
ZHANG Qiong-Ying: New Composition (World Premiere, soloist: WU Shih-San)
HUNG Chien-Hui: New Composition (World Premiere, soloist: HO Hong-Chi)
LIN Jin-Cheng: New Composition (World Premiere, soloist: WU Pei-Ching)
Koji Sakural: New Composition (World Premiere, soloist: HUANG Kuen-Yean)
Stephen Whibley: Espiritu Libre

When: 18-19 Mar Fri-Sat 2016 19:30
Where: National Theater & Concert Hall, Taipei
Price: NT$ 500/700/900/1200/1500

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