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Local People & Culture of Petra, Jordan

Local People & Culture of Petra, Jordan

Local People & Culture of Petra, Jordan
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The culture of Jordan is based in Arabic and Islamic elements with significant Western influence. Jordan stands at the intersection of the three continents of the ancient world, lending it geographic and population diversity. Notable aspects of the culture include traditional music and clothing of Jordan, and interest in sports. These include football and basketball as well as other imported sports, mainly from western Europe and the United States.

Popular culture

More than 40% of the population lives in the metropolis of Amman, concentrating the culture of Jordan in that city. Jordanian pop culture is heavily influenced by the West. European and American music, movies, fashion and other forms of entertainment are popular among Jordan’s people. Clubbing and partying culture are present in Amman, especially in the Western half of the city. A small minority of youth, mostly the rich in West Amman. Amman is consistently declared one of the most westernised and modern cities in the region. Malls, Western-brand stores, and hotels are important elements in Amman’s urban life, especially in the Western side.

English is widely understood and even spoken in lieu of Jordanian Arabic among Jordanians in the upper class. Westernization is occurring due to the heavy Western, especially British and American, influence on the nation’s political life and foreign affairs. In addition, many people from western Europe and America have been moving to Amman and calling it their new home in the past few years. This increased trade links with the West and has reshaped the culture. Cuisine is shared with surrounding nations, especially Egypt, Syria, and Turkey.

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