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Travel Too: Do high Dubai, UAE: Atlantis, the Found City ~ live travel channel hd

Travel Too: Do high Dubai, UAE: Atlantis, the Found City ~ live travel channel hd

Travel Too you’ll explore BOTH those secret countries you’ve never even heard of AND those normally glossy Instagram destinations unfiltered, as I live video stream my adventure travels. These mind-blowing places are fucking entertaining as they are, in their raw, real, and authentic forms. But if you still somehow want perfectly manicured and curated “highlight reel” content, go fuck with someone else.

As the lazy person I am, only Travel Tuesdays and Fierce Fridays will be consistently scheduled. Travel Tuesdays are every Tuesday, and Fierce Fridays are every alternate Friday.

But true to my creative and spontaneous self, I’ll be uploading whatever moves me, whenever. In particular, I’ll be live streaming my travels on YouTube from now on.

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After 6 years of backpacking, I’ll be exploring UN country #100 in 2019!

Country 94: Bulgaria
Country 95: Albania
Country 96: North Macedonia
Country 97: Greece
Country 98: Cyprus
Country 99: Israel
Country 100: Egypt
Country 101: Jordan

I’ll also be retracing through old favorites: United Kingdom, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, Turkey, Oman, United Arab Emirates

For the first time, I’ve live vlogged in high quality – 720p and with a gimbal – from 94 to 101, or UK to UAE.

So these live vlogs are UK to UAE, via Eastern Europe and the Arabian Peninsula.
This is a live travel channel hd.

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