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13 Tongues

13 Tongues

Cheng Tsung-lung & Lim Giong

A Howl of Rebellion

Commissioned by the 2016 Taiwan International Festival of Arts, 13 Tongues is Cheng Tsung-lung’s first full-length work with Cloud Gate 2. In the work, Cheng challenges dancers to go beyond their physical limits, breaking through the restraints of one-dimensional arts, by adding vocal elements into the performances.

A legendary figure in the 1960s from Bangka, the oldest district and once the most prosperous area in Taipei, “Thirteen Tongues” was a street artist lauded for his remarkable acts portraying multiple roles, imitating characters of male, female, old and young, telling stories and anecdotes of the past and present.

Cheng’s 13 Tongues brings back the vigorous and exuberant vitality of Bangka: howls on the streets, lingering of old Taiwanese folksongs in the air, chanting of incantation, religious procession of worshippers. On stage, against the projection of a massive carp flittering in the sky, dancers stamp and clap with rhythms, whirl around and move across the stage like an enchanted troop, presenting a bizarre spectrum of physical movements.

Artistic director and choreographer of Cloud Gate 2 Cheng Tsung-lung
Cheng Tsung-lung, Artistic Director and Choreographer of Cloud Gate 2, is praised as “a fresh and unique voice in the international dance scene,” whose works are often intertwined tensions from ordinary lives and transforms daily vocabularies into physical symbols. He has been invited to present his works in New York and cities across Europe.

13 Tongues

Music Lim Giong
Lim Giong started the rock-n-roll revolution for Taiwanese songs with his Marching Forward. Later on, he integrates images, arts, dance, and installation arts with music to create a brand-new audio landscape and has won numerous awards with his music scores for film both in Taiwan and abroad.

Creatve team
Choreography: Cheng Tsung-lung
Music: Lim Giong
Art Design: He Jia-sing
Lighting Design: Shen Po-hung
Projection Design: Ethan Wang
Costume Design: Lin Bing-hao
Voice Coach: Tsai Pao-chang
Poduction: Cloud Gate 2

When: 11-13 Mar 2016 Fri-Sun 19:30-16:30
Where: National Theater & Concert Hall, Taipei
Price: NT$ 500/700/900/1200/1600/2000

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