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Yang Jing Bang Noodle House

The first in a series of ongoing food events, the Yang Jing Bang Noodle House will take place on Saturday 23 January from 8pm at Egg. The meal will consist of a noodle dish, plus a side and drink for 88RMB.

The cooks for the evening are Chinese and Western. The pork is a Chinese heritage breed from Zhejiang province called the Jiaxing Black pig, part of the Taihu Black pig family. Noodles are hand-made, meats are home-cured and smoked.

No reservations. Email or follow the Yang Jing Bang WeChat account – yangjingbangcanyin for more details.

Date: 23 Jan 2016 Sat 20:00
Venue: EGG cafe
Price: From 88RMB

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