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Buena Vista Friends Club 2016 Guangzhou Concert

Buena Vista Friends Club 2016 Guangzhou Concert

Founded in 1998, the band plays traditional Cuban music and its main members are veteran musicians who have devoted half of their lives to music. They illustrate Cuban history and life with their music, and their performance has become a must-see event for visitors to Cuba.

Buena Vista Friends Club 2016 Guangzhou Concert will be held at Guangzhou Opera House on Jan.27, 2016.

In the 1990s, a recording was made by Cuban musician Juan de Marcos González and American guitarist Ry Cooder with traditional Cuban musicians, some of whom were veterans who had performed at the club during the height of its popularity.

The recording, named Buena Vista Social Club after the Havana institution, became an international success and won a Grammy Award in 1998. The ensemble was encouraged to perform with a full line-up in Amsterdam in April 1998. German director Wim Wenders captured the performance for a documentary-also called “Buena Vista Social Club”-that included interviews with the musicians conducted in Havana. Wenders’ film was released in 1999, receiving 13 documentary awards including an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary feature.

The success of both the album and film sparked a revival of international interest in traditional Cuban music and Latin American music in general.

When: 27 Jan 2016 Wed 20:00
Where: Guangzhou Opera House
Price: RMB80/180/280/380/480/660 (380*2)/760 (480*2)


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