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The Light Of Taiwan – A Charity Photo Exhibition dedicated to Violin Village

A Charity Photo Exhibition dedicated to Violin Village

We believe in sharing and mutual caring. Photography is part of a larger social interaction and that we must be engaged in our community. As they met the children of ChinAi violin School, they were struck by the beauty and meaningful of the project.

A charity photo exhibition for the violin school of the ChinAi village.

17 photographers from 7 countries as a team.

That’s why the photographers of T E P C group join their forces in this new exhibition “The Light Of Taiwan”. All the benefits will go to the Violin School.

Donation received by Violin Village will be used to support tuitions, fees and living expenses for the villages students, not only for those in ChinAi elementary school, but also for those graduated now attending music majors in middle school, high school and colleges.

When: 12 Mar – 18 April 2016 10:00-23:00
Where: Wistaria House

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