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(Room) No. 7 @ HongKong & Taipei

(Room) No。7

‘(Room) No. 7′ features 6 artists’ unique approaches to the idea of (Room). Each of them explores the concept of room through different perspectives and reimagines the relation between room and people.

Chan Yung-Jen (詹詠幀), Cindy, Huang Chih-Cheng (黃至正), Wen Meng-Yu (溫孟瑜), Wong Xiang-Yi (黃向藝), Wu Chien-Yi (吳芊頤)

‘(Room) No. 7’ is a rediscovery of one’s relation with their living spaces. Throughout our lifetime we travel from one room to another, for hours or years, forming a personal bond so strong that a part of us are left in each of the rooms while we carry bits of them with us even when we have long left the place. (Room) becomes not only a space for living, but also a container where layers of memories and emotions are stored.

Featuring six artists with distinctive approaches to six different types of rooms, ‘(Room) No. 7’ explores the ambiguity between public and private, past and present, as well as the seen and the unseen, together reinventing a unique atmosphere and a fresh approach to the idea of (Room).

Huang Chih-Cheng takes a corner with a cabinet as his setting to reveal ones relation with family. The artist uses aluminium foil and ink as his media and depicts a family’s forgotten memories.

Chan Yung-Jen’s artwork derived from the attic. She perceives the attic as a symbol of the excess and the left-outs, where we are able to find thoughts and things that are beyond our grasp.

Wu Chien-Yi opens a dialogue through her collage of window frames which she consider as the special bridge between in and out and invites us to experience the room in the spirit of its unique time and space.

Wen Meng-Yu takes the living room as a background layered with undistinguishable public and private overlaps. Her arrangements of furniture pieces and particular objects speak of the ongoing interactions between people.

Cindy sets her works in an open space where a long wooden table is placed. Through creating repetitive images, she questions the technical process of human as a machine and reveals how emotions can exceed any form of language as the fundamental difference between human and objects.

Wong Xiang-Yi brings focus on the idea of power generated by the sexual tensions in the room. Through constant peeking of the subject and the object, her artwork reveals the blurred boundaries between the public and the private.

In multiple directions, the artists go on a journey discovering the interconnections between memories, desires, emotions, personal and contemporary matters. ‘(Room) No. 7’ is a temporary space where visitors come as travellers. It offers a moment for one to regain his or her attachments and dwellings from the past and address a different understanding of our (Room).


When: 20-21 Feb 2016 Sat-Sun 11:00 (20th 14:00 PRESS & OPENING; 21st 14:00 ARTISTS TOUR)
Where: Taipei Artist Village


When: 24-27 Mar 2016 Thur-Sun 11:00 (24th 17:00 – 21:00 VIP PREVIEW; 25th 17:00 – 21:00 ART NIGHT)
Where: Asia Contemporary Art Show

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