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7 New Promising Restaurants to Visit in Shanghai

Shanghai has a vibrant restaurant scene. New eateries open regularly, hotels invite guest chefs from different places around the world to spice things up and a growing number of celebrity chefs have a restaurant in the city.

Shanghai has always witnessed an abundant amount of openings, confusing us in choosing which one to try. Below we have listed for you some of the best recent restaurants that have been receiving promising feedback from the community and that you should immediately include in your list of new eatery.



Undoubtedly one of this year’s most favorite openings, Baoism has been topping the ratings among the foodies with their premium handmade Baos. In order to bring the best modern Chinese food that pleases all tastes, they remodel the traditional Baos with a mixture of Asian cuisines, seeing Baos (RMB 15) flavored with Hongshao Carnitas, Korean Fried Chicken, Xinjiang Grilled Fish, Black Pepper Tofu and Okonomiyaki.

Other than Baos, they also serves healthy Chinese side dishes (RMB 12) like Xinjiang Eggplant, Lotus Root Chips and Fish Sauce Charred Cabbage. For a complete meal, they offer 3 types of combo: the large combo (RMB 45) gets you 2 Baos & 2 sides or 1 rice & 2 sides, while the smaller one (RMB 35) gives you 1 Bao with 2 sides.


Address: E30, B2 Food Court, Hubindao Mall, 150 Hubin Lu, near Jinan Lu, Huangpu District
Tel: 021 6333 5676

Bad Boy Bangers

Bad Boy Bangers

Sausage shop and restaurant, Bad Boy Bangers is the place to go if you’re craving for fresh and finely garnished sausages and bacon. They have been supplying some of the city’s restaurant with their British style sausages for the last 3 years and this year they have finally opened a cozy spot on Jiashan Lu, offering sausages from the traditional one like the Lincolnshire and Cumberland to a more Chinese influenced style such as the Sichuan (RMB 60 for a pack of 6).

Sausages can be cooked at home or eat on the spot with hotdogs (RMB 28) or other British classics like Bangers & Mash (RMB 58) and sandwiches (RMB 36-38).

Address: Suite 1B, 117 Jiashan Lu, near Yongkang Lu, Xuhui District



Cabra is the city’s most recently opened tapas restaurant. Although Shanghai doesn’t lack Spanish eatery, Cabra manages to catch the public’s attention with a touch of Baroque decoration that you wouldn’t expect in a tapas bar, introducing a more eccentric side of Spain, while still keeping the friendly-welcome feeling.

The menu sees a well-rounded variety of tapas, categorized as appetizers (RMB 25-45) or to be enjoyed as a shared plate (RMB 45-120). Classic Spanish sides include Croquetas (RMB 45-60), Tortilla de Patata (RMB 35), as well as Gambas al Ajillo (RMB 70), while the mains offer prime meat dishes like the Entrecot Australiano (RMB 185) and Forest Filet (RMB 175).


Address: 989 Wuding Lu, 2/F, near Jiaozhou Lu, Jing’an District
Tel: 021 5266 8620

EAST Eatery

EAST Eatery

Located in one of the city’s most popular spot Tianzifang, EAST Eatery specializes in modern Asian gastronomy, aiming all sorts of crowds from the easy take-away to a fancier dining, by having different concepts of eating experience on each floor.

First floor sees a more casual experience where you can order comfort street food like their signature Taiwanese Gua Bao, Noodle Soups, Buns and Salads. 2nd floor is more upscale, mixing contemporary-style cuisines from Chinese, Japanese and Korean, while the 3rd floor is reserved for a more intimate and private event.

EAST Eatery2

Address: No 39, 155 Jianguo Zhong Lu, near Ruijin Lu, Huangpu District
Tel: 021 6467 0100


Equilibrium is a modern European eatery taking inspiration from the gourmet food markets of Scandinavia. As you might guess from their name, the restaurant has a balance concept of nutrition, serving healthy food that will surely pump up your spirit.

Well reputed for their sandwich, the Legendary Pork Sandwich (RMB 58) plays with your creativity, allowing you to compose your own combination of bread, meat, sauces and toppings. Same idea for their Mixed Salads (RMB 49-59), the small size lets you choose 3 varieties of salad, while the large one gives you 5.

As for the drink, the highlight is on their organic and vibrant smoothies, like the refreshing Raw Energy (RMB 36) and the Energy Reload (RMB 38).

Room 3, B2, Super Brand Mall, 168 Lujiazui Xi Lu, near Fucheng Lu, Pudong District
255 Shandong Zhong Lu, near Hankou Lu, Huangpu District
1F, Global Harbor Mall, 3300 Zhongshan Bei Lu, near Ningxia Lu, Putuo District
Tel: 021 5845 0535, 021 5169 0815, 021 6125 4028

Equilibrium Equilibrium2 Equilibrium3

Green Mix 绿米

Aiming to promote organic and cruelty-free lifestyle, Green Mix is a mixture of shop and restaurant that specializes in environment-friendly items from furnishing to fashion and daily care, as well as a place that serves healthy vegan meal.

The entry includes some selection of nicely assorted salad dishes (RMB 58-68), Homemade Vegan Sashimi (RMB 68) and Japanese Seaweed Handroll (RMB 28). For a satisfying meat-free meal, we recommend their Homemade Organic Soybean Steak (RMB 58) with French Fried Tofu (RMB 58), as well as the Organic Panini (RMB 48) and the Organic Caesar Hamburger (RMB 88).

Address: 432 Dagu Lu, near Shimen Yi Lu, Jing’an district
Tel: 021 6339 1618

Green Mix Green Mix3 Green Mix2

Happy Buddha

Located in the trendy bike store, Happy Buddha brings great news for those who are not too fanatic with vegetarianism, as they believe that you can have comfort meat-free meal that is both tasty and filling.

They welcome all vegans and carnivores for a green and satisfying feast, recommending the Mexican Crunchwrap (RMB 42), Pesto Panini (RMB 39), BBQ Sandwich (RMB 46) and Black Bean Burger (RMB 53).

Desserts are also as appealing, offering less-caloric sweets like the Oatmeal Cream Pie (RMB 20) and Vegan Cheezecake (RMB 22).

Address: Unit B101, 259 Jiashan Lu, near Shaoxing Lu, Xuhui District

Happy Buddha Happy Buddha2

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