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I always knew you were the one – Valley View Farm Wedding – Filmed with BMPCC 4K

I always knew you were the one - Valley View Farm Wedding - Filmed with BMPCC 4K

This one is filled with heartfelt vows. Peak foliage in the mountains of western mass. Purple sunsets. And an adorable Black Labrador Retriever. Filmed at the beautiful Valley View Farm in Haydenville, MA.

– Today, as we gather to celebrate Katie and Kevin’s love for each other, I can’t think of another couple so ready to be married to each other.

– Here we are, hon, we’ve made it. From our first date many years back at my friend’s wedding, through multiple cities, houses, and jobs, this is what we’ve been waiting for. We have been blessed to have so much support along the way. From the crazy lady at our first brunch who said we would get married, to the many friends and family sharing this day with us, all cheering us on. I thought I would be more nervous on this day, but I’m not. Maybe it’s because we’ve already done multiple major life events this year, or maybe it’s because I always knew you were the one.

– Life is often measured in these big moments. But what stands out in our story is the way you make me feel in the ordinary ones. How it feels to hold your hand and walk Trot. The way our nieces and nephews love Uncle Kevvy. Drinking KJ with your family and watching the sun set. Laying on your chest every night to fall asleep. Slow dancing with you in the kitchen of your old apartment. Every life music show, every first, every slow Sunday. And how you’ve changed my world with every kiss. You’ve made the ordinary days the most beautiful days of my life. And I can’t wait to spend all the remaining ordinary days of my life with you.

♪ You’ll always be my girl ♪

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