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Top 6 Ramen Spots in Hong Kong

Japanese noodle soup? What’s the big deal? Judging by all the speciality ramen joints in town – a lot. The weather is getting chilly… perfect for Ramen! We didn’t do a Best Noodle in Hong Kong post because there are just toooo many choices and toooo many types of noodles. Here is a list of Top 5 Ramen Spots in Hong Kong. Let us know if you think I missed a spot.

Butao Ramen

Famous for its extra-strong pork bone broth, the chain of Butao restaurants sport some of the longest lines we’ve ever seen at lunchtime. Once in, though, you can get Hakata-style ramen with thin, straight noodles. In true Japanese fashion, your noodle bowl is customisable. You can choose the richness of the taste and thickness of the noodles. Even the best coffees don’t get this treatment. Try the East-meets-West green king ramen ($90) if you haven’t been overcome with hunger in the queue.

Add: 40 Tang Lung St, Causeway Bay
Phone: 00852 2893 3190

Butao Ramen Butao Ramen4 Butao Ramen3 Butao Ramen2

Hakodate Japanese Restaurant

The city of Hakodate sits prettily in Hokkaido, Japan, and is famous for its delish shio ramen, a distinctive, salt-based broth variety of the dish. The Hakodate restaurant takes all the flavours from the city and serves it up for us Hongkongers. The shio ramen is $65 here and it’s fab – but for an extra decadent meal, get a slab of butter on top. You can watch it melt into the broth as you eat, adding to the rich flavours.

Add: Shop B, 11 Hoi Kwung St, Quarry Bay
Phone: 00852 2562 8706

Kamitora Ramen

Long lines are the norm at Kamitora, so time your visit wisely. Once inside, though, the original Kamitora ramen ($83) is to die for, with Kyushu-style straight noodles and a perfectly done hanjuku (half-cooked) egg on top. For something more adventurous, try the black tora ($78), which is flavoured with black garlic.

Add: 23 Amoy St, Wan Chai
Phone: 00852 2808 0635

Kamitora Ramen3 Kamitora Ramen Kamitora Ramen2

Ramen Jo

The one to try here is the vegetable mountain ramen ($95), which is topped off with so many greens that you have to dig your way down to the noodle portions. Lettuce, bean sprouts and peanut shavings all make an appearance on the way, so there’s always something healthy to enjoy. The chashu pork comes in fat, juicy slices but you barely notice the grease within that epic tower of veggies.

Add: 3 Caroline Hill Rd, Causeway Bay
Phone: 00852 2885 0638

Ramen Jo

Yukitei Ramen

The specialty here – the noodles, of course – are of the Kyushu variety, but they have extra protein added to them, making for slippery, almost chewy strings that fans swear by. Get a good ol’ miso ramen ($78) so you can appreciate the texture of these babies. Once you’ve been converted, there’s plenty of time to come back and try the rest.

Add: Shop C2, Lun Fat St, 118 Queen’s Rd E, Wan Chai
Phone: 00852 2529 6655

Yukitei Ramen

Yachiyo Ramen

For something a little different, Yachiyo’s got you covered. The starters menu here is positively expansive, with items as varied as homemade mixed mushroom croquettes ($60) and deep-fried whole garlic ($35), so even your ramen-averse friends (the heathens!) have something to enjoy. For noodles, try the Yachiyo chashu tsukemen ($85) – a dipping-style ramen which lets you have fun with your food.

Add: 3/F, Soho Square, 21 Lyndhurst Tce, Central
Phone: 00852 2815 5766

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