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Space/Play Committee presents Marco Shuttle

Space, Play Committee presents Marco Shuttle

Marco Shuttle has developed a brand of cinematic techno that is unusually organic and textural, building pressure in subtle ways and capable of transporting listeners to lush, alien landscapes. His eclectic and cerebral sound takes cues from jazz and musique concrete as much as it does from acid house and Detroit techno. With a background in fashion, one can even sense the flows and forms of this world creeping into Shuttle’s tangible and detailed music.

Over the last few years Marco Shuttle has become a firm favourite amongst techno heads around the world and has released on some of the most revered labels of the day, from The Bunker New York to Peter Van Hoesen’s untouchable Time To Express. Meanwhile, he has been managing his own record label, Eerie, which has been primarily an outlet for his own productions, but has also released records from Anxur, Shuttle’s collaboration with Donato Dozzy, and a few other select acts from the techno underground.

Apart from the studio world, Shuttle has proven himself to be an expert technician in the DJ booth. With over 15 years of experience behind the decks, he’s found himself transporting dance floors around the world, from fabric in London to Berlin’s Berghain to the Labyrinth Festival in Japan.

Marco Shuttle (Eerie, Clone, The Bunker New York)
Stanley (Space Debris Committee)
Ginga (Space Debris Committee)
Boflex (Dim Sum Disco)
Zhiqi (ShadowPlay)

When: 4 Mar 2016 Fri 22:00
Where: Dada Bar Beijing
Price: RMB 60

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