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Producing A Film

Knowing how to run a set and best organize the moving parts of a production is vital to producing any film project. The creative aspects on set are important, however if you aren’t taking care of the paperwork, equipment ordering, scheduling and budgeting, your project is not going anywhere.

You will learn the following on this 2 day workshop:
– Tasks you will be expected to perform and how to execute them with professional precision
– Steven’s list of production best practices
– Know the documentation you will need to coordinate a production
– How to transition your team from pre-production to shoot to post production
– Making sense of a proper film budgets
– Common pitfalls and traps that happen during production

Date: 20/27 Feb 2016 Sat 10:00 – 17:00
Duration: 12 hours / 2 classes
Venue: International Academy of Film and Television Hong Kong

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