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Backpacking India, Nepal, China and Vietnam in 102 days

Backpacking India, Nepal, China and Vietnam in 102 days

My first ever backpacking experience, traveled 4 countries, 53 cities, 25905km by 528 hours of transportation in 102 days!
India – Nepal – China and Vietnam

Started in Kolkata, India and head to Johpur-Jaipur-Agra-New Delhi- Gorakphur then cross border to Nepal. Next, we head to Pokhara to trek Annpurna Base Camp (4130m) then went to Kathmandu. After that, took a tour to from Kathmandu – Lhasa (Tibet Capital). Then, we started our journey in China, Lhasa- Xi Ning- Xi An. Conquered Huashan which is the world’s deadliest hiking trail then head to Hong Kong- Macau(due to China visa is expiring). After got China visa, my mate has back home and the lone ranger journey has started. Continue to Shao Guan, Sanya and cross border to Vietnam. Rode motorbike from Hanoi-Ho Chi Minh which takes 73 hours riding of 2300km. Then got a flight to Hanoi then took legendary sleeping bus to Sapa. From there, i traveled back to China from He Kou-Kun Ming and then Cheng Du to see panda. Trekked Zhangjiajie national forest park and went to Harbin. Went to Chang Bai Mountain & North Korea Border then head to the north of China – Man Zhou Li in Inner Mongolia which is a Russia & Mongolia Border. Traveled to the spectacular grassland in Inner Mongolia & back to Beijing, the last destination.

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