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Enjoying Newfoundland after RVing across Canada – FANTASTIC View of St John's

Enjoying Newfoundland after RVing across Canada - FANTASTIC View of St John's

It’s official, we’ve finished RVing across Canada, now to do it again with WAY less time back to BC. RV living in a Class C has been a unique experience like no other. Enjoy today’s RV travel Vlog!

Hooray everybody. These are the last days of enjoying the Eastern most point of North America in St John’s, Newfoundland before we have to head all the way back across Canada to BC! It has been quite the journey with highs and a few difficulties, but mission accomplished. HUGE thank you to you guys out there for joining in the journey with us thus far. We really enjoy sharing these RV travel vlogs with you, and share the RVing experience and lifestyle. It also has been a fun project for us to work on besides just sitting around a campsite all day with nothing to focus on. MUCH more adventures to come still as we have to get back to BC in like 1/3rd of the time, and then we are also going to be RVing BC, the sunshine coast, Whistler, Banff again, Vancouver Island and much more planned so far friends. THIS IS NOT THE END OF US. Hahaha.

We got to enjoy Cape Spear a bit more in this vlog, although no sunrise bummer. Can you believe how many other people also showed up at 5:00 AM on an overcast cloudy day in an attempt to also get a good picture? That’s dedication. I probably wouldn’t have bothered getting up if not for being woken up likely by everyone showing up. Still made for a beautiful morning though.

After saying good bye to the official Eastern most point, we went into St John’s to take advantage of stocking up on supplies, and to see the famous Signal Hill, located right through St John’s. It is a super busy spot so be sure to show up early if you’re going to need RV parking as it gets competitive! The location is so beautiful, and also the site of where the first Trans Atlantic wireless signal was received. Pretty nifty Newfoundland!

Living in an RV (or van set up) can provide so much freedom compared to the typical lifestyle of society. Once you start getting used to just waking up in a new area every day, and having the flexibility to set your own route, pull overs etc you can really appreciate it. It seems crazy to think for about the same cost of living as in a house you can be seeing and experiencing so much more of the world. This journey to Newfoundland has let us see our beautiful country first hand from coast to coast (almost, BC soon enough) and that it’s something that would never have been something we would have considered. Sure there a bumps (literal and not) a long the way, yes we have had our share of early mornings and noisey nights at times from boondocking in civilization but getting used to rolling with the punches is part of the RV life and it only makes it that much sweeter once you reach icon places like St John’s Cape Spear, or that beautiful site we had when we started this trip back at Waitabit Creek before Banff. It’s a different lifestyle, but it’s never a full one! (Although it is also ALL what you choose it to be, if we spent multiple nights per site traveling slower, or spent a bit more for hook ups it could have been a completely different trip.)

Thanks for experiencing this journey with us friends! Until next video when we begin our adventure back to BC, but not before the Newfoundland Ferry again and some CRAZY drone footage I got (in my opinion…) Coming up.

Luke and Alysha

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