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Top 8 Theme Parks in China

China is a world-renowned destination for exciting theme parks. Indeed, out of the twenty largest and most popular amusement parks in Asia, 11 are located in China. China’s themed parks are recognized globally and compete favorably with those in U.S and Europe for world’s most visited parks. The parks offer a mixture of Western and local cultures, have exciting rides, theater performances, as well as golfing and gaming facilities.

From ubiquitous jaunts through the fairytale lands of Disney, to heady rollercoasters and humble fairground attractions, this selection of China’s top eight theme parks is sure to have something for everyone.

1. Beijing Happy Valley

Beijing Happy Valley is a theme ecological park, a masterpiece of Chinese modern tourism. It is the first choice for family travel, a happy classroom for students, and the perfect place for enterprise culture activities. With fashion, dynamic, happy, dream of cultural charm and it becomes an important symbol of Beijing tourism! People can fully enjoy the Crystal Wing, Apollo Wheel of the world top six big entertainment facilities. And you can fully experience the shangri-la, and “Golden Mask Dynasty” will bring you romantic and mysterious feeling; you can also walk along the Aegean harbor, the Maya town, looking for historical relics, combing the context of civilization; or you can also walk into the ant kingdom, understanding social, natural and ecological knowledge.

Vivid and beautiful ecological environment make people linger, the outline of the beautiful fairy tale draw by Beijing Happy Valley becomes expectations for people in the capital.

Add: Happy Valley, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel: 0086 010 6738 9898

Beijing Happy Valley Beijing Happy Valley2 Beijing Happy Valley3 Beijing Happy Valley4

2. Hong Kong Disneyland Park

Sprawled out in all its fairytale glory on Lantau Island just west of Kowloon and the beating heart of Hong Kong city, visitors will discover the newest addition to the Disneyland brand the planet has to offer. It consists of no fewer than seven separate themed areas, each built to mimic the ambience and atmosphere of a destination central to the Disney myth: Toy Story Land with its RC Racer and Barrel of Fun; Tomorrowland with its raring Autopia tracks; Grizzly Gulch with the eponymous heights of the Big Grizzly Mountain and Critter Country.

Add: Hong Kong Disneyland Park, Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Tel: 00852 3550 3369

Hong Kong Disneyland Park Hong Kong Disneyland Park2 Hong Kong Disneyland Park3 Hong Kong Disneyland Park4

3. Jinjiang Action Park

First opened way back in the 1980s, Shanghai’s Action Park is certainly one of the oldest theme parks on offer in the People’s Republic. And while its aged veneer and longer years do make for a far more humble set of rides than its counterparts at places like Disneyland and the Happy Valley, there’s something captivatingly local and laid-back about Jinjiang, like a home-grown fairground that prefers candyfloss and carousels to sprawling amusements straight out of the 21st century.

Add: Jinjiang Action Park, No. 201 Hongmei Road in Xuhui District, Shanghai
Tel: 0086 021 5420 4956

Jinjiang Action Park

4. Hello Kitty Park

Deep in the serene, mountainous region of Anji, in northern Zhejiang province, there dwells a shy, cat-like creature that is native to Japan. She weighs three apples, and is five apples tall. You will know her habitat as you approach it -because quite frankly there’s no way you can miss a giant ferris wheel with Hello Kitty’s face on it rising majestically from a misty valley.

The incongruous setting for Hello Kitty Park in its own way seems entirely appropriate for a concept which is quite bonkers anyway – like, seriously, a little white cat that is not actually a cat and has its own pet cat? While Hello Kitty inspires all manner of fervour among adults – on our visit, there was a loved-up couple in matching pastel pink Hello Kitty jumpers tottering about – the theme park is obviously levelled at the kids, divided into six relentlessly cheerful zones which are ‘owned’ by different characters, Kitty’s friends. With the zany, bubblegum mise-en-scène set against the stunning backdrop of Anji’s rolling hills, though, it remains a unique experience whatever your age.

All of the rides are preposterously cute, from the ‘Apple Tree’ swingaround in which you park your bums in little apples, to the flying ‘Magic Bike’, in which you can pedal yourself higher and higher, and the ‘Flying Balloons’, which gets you the best view of the park. Over at the Driving School, adults and kids alike can practice their skills in miniature, motorised cars before receiving a special Hello Kitty driving license (surely more desirable than the real thing), while a tour of Hello Kitty’s house reveals all of her darkest secrets (not really).

Add: 1 Tianshi Avenue, Anji, Zhejiang Province

Hello Kitty Park

5. Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

This themed park is in an ocean resort in Zhuhai. It has top amusements, entertainment, art, and theater facilities, and nine rare types of marine animals in the Evergreen Marine Kingdom.

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is considered one of the largest marine animal theme parks in the world. It also features several shopping centers, 19 specialty restaurants, outdoor performance facilities and 3 large theaters.

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom Chimelong Ocean Kingdom2 Chimelong Ocean Kingdom3

6. Splendid China

If you’re a little tight on time when it comes to planning your holiday to China this year, then this one may just be a handy addition to the itinerary, because it’s essentially a miniature version of every attraction that the People’s Republic has to offer.

Guests are invited to spy out scaled down versions of totemic historical sites like the Forbidden City and the Great Wall, alongside replicas of natural hotspots like the Li River and mystical Mt Huangshan; not to mention some more controversial additions like the Potala Palace of Lhasa in Tibet. There are also onsite guides to offer the ubiquitous historical tours of the pseudo-attractions, and a large food court to boot.

Add: Splendid China, Overseas Chinese City, Nanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong Splendid China2

7. Window of the World

An endearingly quirky establishment which stays true to its name by offering up no less than 130 replica attractions from right across the globe, Shenzhen’s Window on the World is like the international extension of Splendid China.

Guests are invited to wander its pathways between several global regions – from Europe to Asia – spying out the startling rises of sites like the Eiffel Tower (built at one third of its original size), Mount Fuji, Australia’s Uluru and the great Sphinx of Giza, to name just a few!

Add: Window of the World, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Nanshan, China

Window of the World2 Window of the World Window of the World3 Window of the World4

8. Hong Kong Ocean Park

Hong Kong Ocean Park is one of the world’s largest Marine Park, with the Southeast Asia’s largest Marine aquarium and theme amusement park, it is a charming and favorite place of where visitors love to visit. We can not only see the funny outdoor playgrounds, the dolphin show here, there are also various marine fish, towering Ocean Park Tower, and more exciting Mine Train and Abyss Turbo Drop, which is the perfect combination of science, sightseeing and entertainment.

Hong Kong is a paradise, full of temptation. Combined with the construction characteristics of building along coastal area, it is fresh and fantasy, for all of this brings the most curious uncharted territory for people.

Add: 180 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Brick Hill, Southern District, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Ocean Park Hong Kong Ocean Park2 Hong Kong Ocean Park3 Hong Kong Ocean Park4

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