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Tokyo Apartment Tour (Part 2: Coliving Kitchen & Common Areas)

Tokyo Apartment Tour (Part 2: Coliving Kitchen & Common Areas)

Tour of the common areas of the cowork/coliving building Roam Tokyo. For Part 1 of the upstairs apartment, bedrooms and co-working area see this video:

Why should you consider living in a cowork or Coliving building?

Let’s face it – there has to be a better way for the global population to live than the situation that most of us are all currently in. IE: overpaying for rent or mortgage, locked into a long-term lease with little to no flexibility and either living alone or with roommates because our housing is too expensive. I think that I found a better way upon moving to Tokyo and it’s a colliving/coworking building. These are popping up all over the world and they offer so many advantages: more affordable, more flexible living with a better worklife balance, social life and community aspect. Now that I found this way of life I might never go back to the old status quo!

This is an especially good option for people who are
-living in a city with a high cost-of-living
-are single
-remote workers or work online
-who are looking for short term accommodation without the commitment.

Co living is a perfect solution for digital nomads too! Even if you are on vacation in a different city or a foreign country, you can stay in a Co-living building for anywhere from one day to one week to one month to one year! Check out this video to learn more and see my apartment!

I’m currently staying at: if you want to check it out!

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About: Kristin is a long-term digital nomad and expat relocation expert who has traveled to 60 countries over the last 17 years. She has helped 1,000’s of people move and live abroad and is now sharing her adventures and tips on YouTube and Twitch regularly!





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