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Snowmobile safari in Russia: a perfect weekend in the Urals (Chusovaya)

Snowmobile safari in Russia: a perfect weekend in the Urals (Chusovaya)

The Chusovaya river is very popular among the rafters, cavers and tourists throughout the year. It’s famous for its spectacular landscape, including high rocks located along the shoreline and rising above the river, dense coniferous forests, covering the riverbanks and numerous caves and grottoes, many of which declared as unique archeological monuments.

The Russian Empire period.
This is where in the 16th century the Cossack hetman (ataman) Yermak and his soldiers started their legendary campaign known as the Russian conquest of Siberia.

The ‘Iron Caravans’.
First iron works were built along the Chusovaya river in the 18th century and the river became a primary economic artery in the Middle Urals: about 1000 of heavily loaded barges were annually sent from the Chusovaya wharf, the river was used for transporting metal, weapon and other products of the manufacturing plants from the Urals to the western Russia and to Europe.

Enjoy the nature of the Urals region and plunge into its history while travelling along the Chusovaya river in a weekend snowmobile guided tour with us!

Dikiy Sever expedition club (Yekaterinburg) offers unique guided snowmobile tours and skiing trips including meals, transfers and some sightseeing.

When you plan a vacation package with Dikiy Sever expedition club, you can rest assured you’ll get the best of your vacation time in Russia! Realize your Russian adventure with us.

Running expeditions since 2006, we spent 13 years exploring the most remote and inaccessible parts of the Urals.
Expedition club “Dikiy Sever” (in Russian stands for “Wild North”) – Expeditions to any far-off corner of the Urals.

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